Pro Tools Video Tutorial

In this Pro Tools video tutorial you will delve into recording vocals using plug-in eq and compression, and explore the use of audio playlists to do multiple takes & vocal editing.

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"The Voice"- Behind the Scenes Interview With Audio Engineer, Mike Bernard

Attending Interview with Michael Bernard, Pro Tools Editor and Audio Engineer on the hit NBC TV show, "The Voice"; produced by Mihai Boloni, Expert Avid Instructor for ProMedia Training, the largest Pro Tools Training organization in the U.S.

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Tip and Tricks

How to Set Up Vocal Microphones Properly for Recording
Tips and Tricks
(Proximity Effect, Mic Types, Pick-up Patterns and More) Recording Vocals in the studio can be one of the most challenging aspects of tracking and music production. Not only does the type of mic affect the quality, but so does the placement, the surrounding acoustics, the room, the polar pattern on the mic, etc.  This tutorial will be of assistance to shed some light on these topics, and particularly ...
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Faculty Articles

How To Produce a 30 Second Jingle in Pro Tools
Faculty Articles
Pro Tools Production:  How To Produce a 30 Second Commercial Jingle... Within the last few weeks here in New York City, I was hired to work on a radio commercial for McDonald’s. The producer and his writing partner had constructed a demo song (over 2 minutes long) for a new product promotion. I was given a rough stereo mix of the over length track to use in the recording session for the vocalists. On a day where we were booked to record an entirely different commercial as well, we worked at a rapid pa...
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Industry News

Avid Everywhere and Avid Media Central Platform
Industry News
Avid Everywhere: The Future of Production and Media Distribution At the recent NAB Show in Las Vegas, Avid unveiled their vision for the future with the Avid Media Central Platform and the Avid Everywhere vision. This new platform will be accessible directly within Avid products such as Pro Tools and Media Composer and allow users from all over the world to collaborate on projects. Users will be able to "invite" other people to share their session via the web while also able to message and video conference with those people. Imagin...
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Pro Tools Help

How to Promote Your Music With Social Media
Pro Tools Help
 DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY!    Today you can use Social Media to market your music in ways that can really make a difference in your overall opportunities to increase your fan base, exposure, as well as gain avenues to be heard that were impossible in the past.  Learn how to make Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,YouTube and other social platforms work for you and your music. This free guide, compliments of DiscMakers, offers ProMed...
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