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Upcoming Pro Tools Classes

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Music Production School

Educational courses for music producers, engineers and songwriters.

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ProMedia Training is the #1 Largest authorized & official AVID Pro Tools Training Organization in the U.S. with Grammy winning instructors and multiple locations in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, and Atlanta, offering hands-on instructor-led training in Pro Tools & Audio Engineering.
Featured Programs: Pro Tools Training

Offering 2- 13 day courses in Pro Tools, Music Production, and Audio Engineering as well as official Pro Tools Certification. ProMedia Training is the #1 and largest training company in the world for condensed hands-on learning. Perfect for beginners to advanced level users who want to learn music production techniques. You learn 8 hours a day, and practice the exercises with the instructor. Each student is provided their own system to use in class.

Train with Grammy Winning Staff

ProMedia invests in working with instructors who bring real world experience to the classroom. We offer master classes by Grammy winning instructors who have sold millions of records; we offer private training to an elite clientele, such as the audio engineers on "The Voice," "CNN," "NBC" and companies who only utilize the best in advanced training. ProMedia was the first company in the U.S. to offer the official Avid Training Curriculum and our instructors have many years experience in the classroom, and are experts in their professional related fields in music production, engineering, post production.

Learn Music Production

With an intense focus on these areas - Producing Tracks, Exploring Creativity, Mastering the software Technology to write, record and produce your own music, we give our students the Tools to take their creativity to the next level. We allow free auditing for up to an additional 6 months to allow you to take the courses over again as much as necessary to master the material and skills, as well as have access to our instructors.

Tips and Tricks

Remixing With Pro Tools: Video Tutorials

In this video tutorial series from Avid, learn how to use the various features of Pro Tools to create a Remix of a song. Presented by Lars Kischkel, this multi-part video series covers Pro Tools…

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Faculty Articles

Pro Tools 12.3 Receives Major Upgrade

With the announcement of ProTools123 Avid has opened the gates to a world of new possibilities in Audio Production. Along with the new Commit features, there are also enhancements to Editing, Mixing, and a host of production features. Let's not…

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Industry News

iPad Control Dock For Pro Tools

AVID shows users a Technology Preview of what 2016 has in store for us by showing the new iPad based Pro Tools | Control Dock. The Dock is based on the workflow and technology based in the…

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Pro Tools Help

Use iPad To Control Pro Tools

Avid recently released one of the most exciting iPad apps ever, and it free! PT|Control is downloadable from the App…

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ProMedia News

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ProMedia Training is the leader in Pro Tools Training courses to prepare you for Pro Tools Certification, accelerated audio engineering, recording, mixing and multimedia training for musicians, producers, recording engineers, worship facilities and corporations.

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Pro Tools 12 & 11 Pro Tools Operator Certification: This accelerated 10 day, 80 clock-hour package includes four Certified Pro Tools Courses. Upon successfully completing the courses, you will take your Avid exams for Pro Tools Certification.

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This accelerated 5-day, 40 clock-hour package includes two AVID / Digidesign Certified Pro Tools courses designed for aspiring recording and mixing engineers, musicians, DJ's, music producers and singer/songwriters who want to turn their creativity into reality.

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This 104 clock-hour accelerated package is our most comprehensive program to prepare for the Expert Pro Tools Certification exam with a focus on Music Production Education and Pro Tools. It includes FIVE Avid Certified Audio Engineering / Pro Tools Courses.

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An introduction to audio engineering concepts and techniques with a unique twist: In and Out of Pro Tools. These classes focus on a number of broad engineering topics and familiarizes you with information and processes you will need to start using Pro Tools.

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Studio Workshop

Coming Soon

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Audio Engineering

ProMedia Training offers affordable, instructor led, hands-on Avid training and classes to prepare you for official Avid Certification throughout the United States. Classes range from 2-3 days in length, from beginner to advanced levels.

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We are the largest premier authorized Avid Pro School, having certified more students in Pro Tools than any other organization. Our Grammy winning instructors train in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, LV, LA, Nashville, San Diego, NY and Washington, DC.