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"The Voice"- Behind the Scenes Interview With Audio Engineer, Mike Bernard

Live Interview with Michael Bernard, Pro Tools Editor/ Engineer on the hit NBC TV show, "The Voice"; Hear Michael's amazing story along with how ProMedia Training increased workflow productivity in production. Hosted by Mihai Boloni, Expert Avid Instructor for ProMedia Training, the largest Pro Tools Training organization in the U.S.

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Tip and Tricks

Recording And Editing Vocals In Pro Tools
Tips and Tricks
Recording, Editing and Comping Vocals In Pro Tools: Video Tutorial       In this video, you will learn about recording vocals in Pro Tools including: recording vocals using Pro Tools plug ins for EQ and compression to get the sound you are looking for immediately, how to properly route your vocal audio signal for optimal work flow, prop...
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Faculty Articles

Microphone And PreAmp Guide For Singers
Faculty Articles
Building A Better Vocal Recording: Understanding Microphones and Preamps       Regardless of musical “genre”, the vocal parts can be one of the most challenging to get to sound right. Since the vocals carry the storyline of the song, there is a lot of emphasis placed on making sure they sound “right” from beginning to end. In this article, 3-Time Grammy Award winning engine...
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Industry News

Promoting Your Music - Creating Your Own Media Empire
Industry News
Revolutions wipe out the perfect and make the impossible possible. That’s what we have here - a revolution. Streaming music looks like the way of the future. Getting rid of the perfect - owning the music - and making the impossible possible - access to every song ever recorded playable o...
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Pro Tools Help

Pro Tools Training At Apogee Studios
Pro Tools Help
Pro Tools Training At Apogee Studios ProMedia is proud to announce our fist ever Pro Tools Training classes at Apogee Studios on August 15 - 16, 2015. Join us as we kick-off the next chapter in the evolution of Pro Tools Training. Our commitment to bringing you the best training experience possible has led us to partner with one of the world leaders in audio innova...
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