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"The Voice"- Behind the Scenes Interview With Audio Engineer, Mike Bernard

Live Interview with Michael Bernard, Pro Tools Editor/ Engineer on the hit NBC TV show, "The Voice"; Hear Michael's amazing story along with how ProMedia Training increased workflow productivity in production. Hosted by Mihai Boloni, Expert Avid Instructor for ProMedia Training, the largest Pro Tools Training organization in the U.S.

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Tip and Tricks

Beat Detective
Tips and Tricks
Beat Detective is function of Pro Tools that can be used to extract, manipulate or correct the timing information found in either Audio or MIDI clips. When working with audio, Beat Detective can be used to slice the audio in smaller clips and reposition them in relation to the grid without applying any ‘time-stretching’ processing. This can produce more nat...
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Faculty Articles

Using Sidechain Routing in Pro Tools - Help Techniques
Faculty Articles
If you are looking for a simple concept that is guaranteed to improve your mixes and take your productions to the next level, look no further! In this tutorial we will discover techniques used by the world’s top mixing engineers, which are all based around a single concept so simple to understand you will be able to use it to improve your mixes immediately. In the previous tutorial ‘Compre...
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Industry News

Avid Releases Pro Tools 12
Industry News
New Features in  Pro Tools 12: New Subscription Options  Avid has recently announced the availability of Pro Tools 12 which starts the latest chapter of developments with an eye toward the future of the audio industry. Far more than the obvious subscription  licensing optio...
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Pro Tools Help

Pro Tools Help
Learn Pro Tools: EQ, Compression, Signal Chain, Mix Bus Compression, etc., with Kevin Churko. In this online tutorial training video, Multi Juno Award-winning producer/engineer Kevin Churko demonstrates his expertise in Audio Engineering and Music Production Techniques using Sony Sonnox Plug-ins with Avid Pro Tools. Kevin's work is known internati...
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