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Dan Faber (Pro Tools Expert Instructor / Production Whiz / Renaissance Man) was recently featured on CNN to highlight a young artist he is currently working with in Atlanta. Read More

Pro Tools Classes

  • New York Pro Tools Training & Certification
      Sept 6 - Sept 15  - New York, NY
      Oct 18 - Oct 27  - New York, NY
  • Los Angeles, CA Pro Tools Training & Certification
      Nov 8 - Nov 17  Los Angeles, CA
  • Dallas, TX Pro Tools Training & Certification
      Sept 13 - Sept 22  - Dallas, TX
      Dec 5 - Dec 14  - Dallas, TX
  • Atlanta, GA Pro Tools Training & Certification
      Oct 18 - Oct 27  Atlanta,GA
  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL- Pro Tools Training
    & Certification
      Oct 18 - Oct 27  - Miami, FL
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Featured: Interview

"The Voice"- Behind the Scenes Interview With Audio Engineer, Mike Bernard

Live Interview with Michael Bernard, Pro Tools Editor/ Engineer on the hit NBC TV show, "The Voice"; Hear Michael's amazing story along with how ProMedia Training increased workflow productivity in production. Hosted by Mihai Boloni, Expert Avid Instructor for ProMedia Training, the largest Pro Tools Training organization in the U.S.

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Tip and Tricks

MUSIC PUBLISHING - How to Publish Your Music
Tips and Tricks
Understanding the business of Music Publishing is crucial if you want to monetize your music. Publishing plays a large part in how you generate income in commercial music. You're a songwriter? What type of a songwriter are you? Are you a singer songwriter who plays guitar or piano, are you a lyricist who only writes the words, or are you a “Beat” composer ...
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Faculty Articles

How To ReWire To Pro Tools
Faculty Articles
A Guide to DAW Synchronization using Rewire - Part 1   "All Together Now"- This article, written by hit songwriter/ producer, educator and music technology pioneer, Jason O'Bryan, discusses how to ReWire to Pro Tools and goes into details and "how-to" steps about using ReWire with other DAW's such as Ableton, Reason, and Logic. With over 20 years of studio experience, Jason O'Bryan...
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Industry News

Apogee Announces Ensemble Thunderbolt Audio Interface
Industry News
News: Apogee Releases Ensemble Thunderbolt Audio Interface. The new Ensemble is the first Thunderbolt 2 Audio Interface to offer superior sound, the lowest latency performance and the most comprehensive studio functions all in one box. Features include 8 Advanced Stepped Gain mic pres, moni...
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Pro Tools Help

AVID Including Annual Support Plans With Pro Tools 11 Software
Pro Tools Help
AVID announces a new Pro Tools 11 Support Plan standard with Pro Tools software purchases & upgrades. Starting now, all Pro Tools software purchases, including crossgrades/upgrades, and HD software will include Standard Support from AVID.     What's included? The benefits of Pro Tools | Software with standard support Stay up to date, as all Pr...
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