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Core Package


Pro Tools Core Package

Designed for aspiring engineers, musicians, DJ's or songwriters looking to learn Pro Tools and Turn their creativity into reality. Perfect for beginner to intermediate Pro Tools users.

(101 & 110)

Core Package


Pro Tools Operator & Music Production Package

Pro Tools training for users looking to develop cutting edge skills, maximize efficiency, increase production and creativity, and obtain industry-wide recognition with AVID Operator Certification.

(101, 110, 201, 210)

Core Package


Expert Pro Tools Certification Prep Package

Designed for the most advanced and experienced Pro Tools users looking to obtain the highest elite status of Avid Expert Certification. Gain esteemed recognition and professional marketability.

(101, 110, 201, 210, 310)

Audio Professional Program


Applied Engineering Skills

At the foundation of any modern audio education are applied engineering skills. To creatively manipulate sound, you first need to understand the mechanics of how sound works. This first section of the Program focuses on fundamental principles of sound and introduces the student to Pro Tools 8 hardware and software.

  • Principles of Sound
  • Acoustics and Monitoring
  • Signal Flow
  • Signal Processors
  • Introduction to Microphones
  • Setup, configuration and maintenance of your Pro Tools 8 mobile studio
  • Foundational concepts in Pro Tools 8 such as navigation, file management, importing, basic recording, editing and mixing skills.

Music Theory and Production

Being a modern audio engineer and producer is not just about knowing which button to push and what lever to tweak; it’s a highly creative endeavor. A modern audio engineer can contribute as much to the “sound” of a song as a singer/songwriter or instrumentalist can. Being creative requires that you have a working knowledge of music and understand the flexible musical computer language called MIDI. This portion of the Program provides you with a solid music theory background and then moves into using MIDI both inside and outside of Pro Tools 8. You will learn various sequencing, virtual instruments, looping, and sampling applications including Reason.

  • Music Theory
  • Arranging and Song structure
  • Fundamentals of MIDI
  • Sequencing in Reason
  • Sequencing on the External hardware
  • Sequencing in Pro Tools 12
  • Music Production
  • Virtual Instruments
  • Reason Instruments
  • Sampling in Pro Tools 12
  • Working with Loops
  • Editing Music on the Groove

Advance Mixing, Editing and Mastering

Advanced Mixing and Mastering teaches advanced techniques in audio engineering. You will work through the process of editing, mixing and mastering for music and vocals in a professional environment. You will learn not only the science of mixing, but also the are from a multi-platinum or Grammy award winning engineer. You will also learn the ins and outs of micing in a studio environment and the wiring and networking considerations of that environment. Multiple Digidesign tests will be administered in this section of the curriculum. Upon completion, you will test for your Digidesign Operator Certification in Music.

  • Understanding and using Pro Tools HD
  • Advanced Editing for Drums and Vocals
  • Using Beat Detective and Sound Replacer
  • Understanding and using Pro Tools Elastic Audio
  • Balancing a Mix
  • Mixing for Drum, Instruments and Vocals
  • The Art of Mixing
  • Advanced Automation
  • Advanced Applications with Plug-ins
  • Advanced Micing Techniques
  • Mastering Techniques
  • Wiring and Networking the Studio

Producing Audio for TV, Film and Multimedia

There’s nothing like recording a great band, but think of all the places “sound” exists beyond music. Imagine watching TV or playing a video game without sound! Audio is pervasive in our culture and we intend to prepare you for all the opportunities available to audio engineers. This portion of the Program trains you to produce audio for television, film, video games, the web and broadcasting. Upon completion, you will test for your Digidesign Operator Certification in Post Production.

  • Principles of Post Production including Time Code, Video Formats
  • Capturing Production Audio/Field Recording
  • Working with Dialog
  • ADR (Dialog Replacement)
  • Creating spot/cue sheets
  • Foley production
  • Sound Effects
  • Mixing to Picture
  • Concepts of Surround Sound
  • Mixing in Surround
  • Codecs (MP3, AAC, Real Audio, etc) W
  • eb, Game, and Broadcast Audio
  • Mastering
  • DVD Authoring
  • Networking
  • Master Mix Class
  • Podcasting
  • Game Audio
  • Broadcast Audio
  • Web Audio

Business of Audio

Welcome to the audio business. If you’re going find and pursue opportunities in this industry, you need to know the rules of the game. The final section of the Program is designed to help you identify, pursue and secure work in the industry.

  • Overview of the audio business
  • The impact of audio technology on the industry
  • Current opportunities in the audio field – music, post production, gaming and Web
  • Being an independent contractor vs. being an employee for a company
  • Tools and templates used to promote yourself – portfolio, Web, resume, etc.
  • Entrepreneurial attitude and people skills need to succeed
  • How to spot trends and opportunities