Expert AVID Pro Tools Certification for Audio Engineers.

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Music Production and Operator Certification


Expert Pro Tools Certification Prep Package (101, 110, 201, 210, 310)

Designed for the most advanced and experienced Pro Tools users looking to obtain the highest level and very elite status of Avid Expert Certification. Gain the most esteemed industry-wide recognition and professional marketability.

Pro Tools 12 / Pro Tools 11

AVID Expert Pro Tools Certification for Audio Engineering Students:

This 104 clock-hour accelerated package is our most comprehensive program to prepare for the Expert Pro Tools Certification exam. Most attendees are those who are currently working professional Audio Engineers seeking continued training, or for students currently attending an Audio Engineering School with a focus on Music Production Education and Pro Tools, although the classes are open to any adult.  It includes FIVE Avid/ Digidesign Certified Audio Engineering / Pro Tools Courses:

  • Pro Tools 101
  • Pro Tools 110
  • Pro Tools 201
  • Pro Tools 210
  • Pro Tools 310

These Pro Tools Training Courses prepare you to take the  Avid / Digidesign exams to become Avid Certified in Pro Tools at the Operator and Expert levels.  You are welcome to take the courses without testing, if you so choose for personal and creative development.

ProMedia Training has a 12 year history working with students and instructors from Audio Engineering Schools all over the U.S. for continued training and Pro Tools Certification test preparation;  Our hands-on training with top Avid instructors offer various student resources and a satisfaction audio education guarantee that allows you to audit classes for up to six months for free at any of our locations.

Some of the hands-on lessons you will learn include:

(101-210 Lessons)

  • Pro Tools Hardware & Software Set Up
  • Making your first audio recording and MIDI recording
  • Introduction to mixing
  • Basic editing techniques
  • Recording and Editing MIDI & Audio
  • Using Virtual Instruments
  • Session Management
  • Automating Plug-Ins
  • Writing, Editing, & Suspending Automation
  • Track Signal Flow
  • Inserts & Plug-Finishing the Session
  • Internal & External Mixdown
  • Working with Control Surfaces
  • Interacting with External MIDI Devices
  • Professional Editing Techniques
  • In Depth Beat Detective
  • Sampling in Pro Tools
  • Using Sound Replacer
  • External Layback
  • Mixing schools of thought
  • Understanding and applying Mixing concepts

(310 Level Lessons)

  • Configuration and troubleshooting
  • Tactile control of Pro Tools
  • Increase efficiency on worksurfaces
  • Advanced recording and importing audio
  • Includes project interchange
  • Advanced editing
  • Expert music editing techniques
  • Synchronization
  • Detailed common aspects of synchronization
  • Advanced routing and mixing
  • Expert mixing concepts
  • Advanced automation
  • Pro Tools expert automation functionality
  • Mixing with plug-ins
  • Music deliver
  • Expert focus on ICON work surfaces in music production


Courses Included:
    • Pro Tools 11, PT101
      Pro Tools 10, 101 is a 2-day, 16 hour beginner oriented Avid/ Digidesign Pro Tools Training course that covers basic principles of digital music production and recording in Pro Tools, giving you what you need to complete a project, from initial set up to final mixdown. Whether your project involves live instruments, recording vocals, MIDI sequencing or audio looping, this Pro Tools course gives you the basic skills to succeed in basic recording and editing in Pro Tools.


    • Pro Tools 11, PT110
      Pro Tools 10, 110 is a 3-day, 24 hour course, and the second of the Certified Avid/ Digidesign Pro Tools Training courses that covers the key concepts and skills needed to operate a Pro Tools system in a home or professional studio environment. In this Pro Tools class, you will learn to record, edit, and use the essentials of automation, as well as work with both audio and MIDI to further your audio education.


    • Pro Tools 11, PT201
      Pro Tools 201 is a two day, 16 hour, Certified Avid  Pro Tools Training class that teachers techniques needed to operate a sophisticated Pro Tools system in a professional grade studio or advanced home studio environment. Students are introduced to professional Pro Tools HD systems, control surfaces and develop advanced skills in editing, mixing, session management, and automation with Pro Tools Training as the focus.


    • Pro Tools 11, PT210
      Pro Tools 210M is a 3 day, 24 hour Certified Advanced Pro Tools class that completes the skills needed to competently operate a sophisticated Pro Tools system in a professional level environment with a focus on music. This is the final Pro Tools course needed to prepare for testing for the DOCM (Digidesign Operator Certification in Music).


  • Pro Tools 11, PT310
    This is a 3 day, 24 hour Pro Tools Course for the most advanced users. Students are exposed to highly advanced editing and mixing techniques, advanced control surfaces, troubleshooting techniques, automation and various complex plug-in processes. Once you complete 310M, you are prepared to take the official Avid Expert Certification hands on and written exam to earn your Expert Pro Tools Certification in Music.


What Avid Certification Provides:
  • The best audio education on Pro Tools available
  • Industry-wide recognition of your skills
  • Listing on the Avid/ Digidesign website for job opportunities
  • Significant discounts on gear through Avid’s education store
  • A community of audio professionals for networking and support