Avid Pro Tools Core Training and Certification: PT101/PT110 - ProMedia Pro Tools Training

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Core Package


Pro Tools Core Package

Designed for aspiring engineers, musicians, DJ's or singers/songwriters looking to learn Pro Tools and Turn their creativity into reality. Perfect for beginner to intermediate Pro Tools users.

(101 & 110)

AVID Pro Tools 12 / Pro Tools 11

AVID Pro Tools Core Certificiation Course:

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Designed for Aspiring Recording and Mixing Engineers, Musicians, DJ's, Music Producers and Singer/Songwriters & Home Studio Owners

Pro Tools Training 12 and 11 Core Training Package:  This Pro Tools Training course is designed for aspiring recording and mixing engineers, musicians, DJ's, music producers and singer/songwriters who want to turn their creativity into reality. We introduce you to proper setup, recording, mixing, editing, loops, plug-ins, MIDI, and much, much more.  This course is also an exam preparation program for optional Avid Pro Tools Certification. 

All the award-winning music and audio professionals at ProMedia Training, will support you through our various student resources, and our Audio Engineering Education guarantee that allows you to audit classes for up to six months for free at any of our locations. Enjoy being creative with your music, learn Audio Engineering within a Pro Tools environment.  Don't let Audio Engineering Technology hold back your creativity!

Some of the hands-on lessons you will learn include:
  • Pro Tools 11 /12  Hardware & Software Set Up
  • Make your first audio recording and MIDI recording
  • Introduction to mixing
  • Recording Vocals and Instruments
  • Vocal Comping
  • Midi Sequencing
  • Music Production Templates
  • Basic editing techniques
  • Configuring & Routing MIDI
  • Recording and Editing MIDI & Audio
  • Loop Recording
  • Using Virtual Instruments
  • Using Plug-Ins
  • Understanding & Working with Automation
  • Using Time Based RTAS Plug-Ins
  • Finishing your work
Courses included:
    • Pro Tools 101:
      PT101 - covers basic principles of digital music production and recording in Pro Tools, giving you what you need to complete a project, from initial set up to final mixdown. Whether your project involves live instruments, recording vocals, MIDI sequencing or audio looping, this Pro Tools course gives you the basic skills to succeed.

  • Pro Tools  110:
    PT110 - covers the key concepts and skills needed to operate a Pro Tools 10 system in a home or semi-professional studio environment. In this Pro Tools class, you will learn to record, edit, and use the essentials of automation, as well as work with both audio and MIDI to further your Audio knowledge.  Perfect for aspiring music producers and engineers who want to expand their abilities as an advanced user.

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