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Teacher and Student Spotlights


Lily Lambert

This week in the ProMedia Student Spotlight we have, part Irish, part Welsh, English born singer-songwriter Lily Lambert. Lily considers her very original take on Folk Rock/ Alt Country having the same non-conformist attitude as artist like Bjork and Enya.  


 With her firm grasp of song craft and her ability to shift from the airy delicate to the ethereally angelic and still keep it grounded in reality, Lily’s music definitely reflects a rich musical history.

 After graduating from Law School [with Honors of course] our overachieving heroine went directly to New York City. If you can make it there you can make it anywhere. That’s exactly what Lily did. She performed in a number of musicals and Off-Broadway productions. It was in all those backstage areas and rehearsal rooms that Lily found the time to write her first album, Life Of Lily.  In November  2014 Lily released her  latest record titled So Far . She received a nomination for Best Folk Artist, Album and Song of 2014 from The IMEA Awards. In addition So Far won the Akademia Award for Best Singer Songwriter Album in 2015 and the Global Music Award 2015 Bronze medal also for 2015.

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Frank Faricy - ProMedia Student SPOTLIGHT - An Audio Engineer's Journey

For our student spotlight this go-round we have Mr. Frank Faricy.

Everyone meet Frank, Frank this is…. Everyone.


We are thrilled to introduce you to Frank because he came to ProMedia Training with some real experience and spent ten days in class, highlighting that the ProMedia Training courses are what gives you the creative edge whether you are a trained professional or just beginning.

Frank began the pursuit of his dream in his native England by working in the theatre as both a performer and a technician. Realizing at an early age that he was a devotee of all things rhythmic, Frank made the drums his instrument of choice. A decision that would have been obvious to his school instructors due to Frank’s incessant tapping on his desk with whatever was handy.

He left school at 16 with a working knowledge of electronics, computers, physics and the all important, firmly established love of music. By the time Frank was 18, he moved to the US to further his career in Theatre Production. The US is where he discovered what would be his real passion – the art and science of audio production.

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Christian Pelonis

In this Student Spotlight we feature seventeen-year-old singer/guitar player and Pro Tools new believer Christian Pelonis.

Christian recently completed ProMedia’s latest training class in Santa Monica at the fabulous Apogee Studios in Santa Monica. We caught up with Christian at his home in California and he told us all about his latest project.

Wasting time isn’t part of Christian’s master plan.  Not only is Christian a senior in high school, he also has his own band, Stolen Thunder. Stolen Thunder has already played at some iconic venues, The Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip, The House Of Blues in Anaheim. The band also received the most votes in the VH1’s nationwide music video contest for DoSomething.Org with their cover of “American Woman”. In addition to all the performing at major venues, Stolen Thunder is thrilled to be involved in some major charity events such as the “No Kid Hungry” campaign.  They have also shared the stage with Kenny Loggins and Jeff Bridges to promote the Free Summer Meals Program and Concert Series in Southern California.

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Dan Faber
Dan Faber originally attended ProMedia Training for Pro Tools and Audio Engineering at the early age of 19. He was also one of youngest to achieve Pro Tools Expert Certified status before age 20.

Dan Faber

Daniel Faber is a multi-talented Musician, Producer, Engineer, & Songwriter who is based Out of Atlanta, GA. Working with ProMedia Training since 2005, Daniel has always loved to incorporate his experience of over a decade in the Professional Music Industry, to his students. When he is not teaching, Daniel is the in-house producer & engineer at the famous Atlanta studio, ZAC Recording (Usher, Santana, Outkast, Jamie Foxx, Fergie). Outside of engineering/producing for many major and independent recording artists & bands, Daniel also does scoring, arranging, & sound design for the top television networks including, ABC and Animal Planet. As an Avid Certified Expert Instructor, Daniel Looks forward to bringing all of this to the table as he helps you get the most out of your Pro Tools experience with Pro Media.

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Ben Collette

Phish Engineer Hones Pro Tools Chops Through PMT Training To Improve His Technical Tackle Box

In Pro Tools, and audio engineering in general, there's more than one way to get something done and it's all about figuring out what method(s) work for you.


Ben Collette had already been assisting Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio on various live and studio recording projects including all Anastasio's solo albums, when he decided to enroll in ProMedia Training’s Digidesign Pro Tools Certification Program. As a Pro Tools user, he was adequately equipped in using the software, but wasn’t as skilled, or efficient, as he or Anastasio would have liked. Upon PMT training and certification, Ben has found that the training improved not only his workflow, but his precision and speed, as well.

When Phish regrouped in early 2009, Ben had the opportunity to collaborate with famed producer Steve Lillywhite (U2, Peter Gabriel), engineering album pre-production sessions at The Barn—Trey’s 200-year-old converted studio in rural Vermont. Selected recordings from those sessions comprise a new CD, Party Time, which is included in the box set of the latest Phish studio release, Joy.

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Kelly Snook

Taking Pro Tools to New Places

My vision was to develop my skills enough so that I could create my own music — and help people make the music that they wanted to make — with fewer impediments. The Pro Tools training certainly helped me do that.

Kelly Snook

Kelly Snook is not your typical musician, recording engineer, or studio owner. Her story begins, however, like many others. Snook was surrounded by music from an early age. Her mother played violin, her father was a singer/songwriter, and her step-father was deeply involved in electronic music and synthesis. Snook learned piano and oboe: She performed piano concertos with orchestras and dreamed of playing oboe with the Boston Pops.

But sometime before college Snook realized that she didn’t want to struggle through the music industry as her father had. So she chose a slightly different career path — aerospace engineering. Yes, really. It seemed logical enough to her: She was good at math, science, and drafting, and aerospace engineering seemed like the most interesting of the engineering choices. Snook dove into the field head first and pursued it all the way through graduate school, earning a Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University.

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Jason Wynne
I knew the basics and some advanced things in Pro Tools, but after the courses, I really feel confident in my abilities with the application.


Don’t knock the retail gigs. All that salesmanship, elbow-rubbing and idle chitchat can pay off. Especially when it’s backed by some serious Pro Tools training.

Jason Wynne, like many musicians, fell into a day job hawking recording gear at Guitar Center in Atlanta. It wasn’t the most glamorous line of work, but it paid the bills and let Wynne dive into the town’s booming music scene. He made friends. He made connections. And he found the ProMedia Training program, an intensive boot-camp style course that turns out a new group of Pro Tools-certified graduates every two weeks.

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Shawn Simpson

Talented audio engineer and producer

In this gig, anytime you can get paid to do what you enjoy you are a success.

Shawn Simpson is a Nashville based audio engineer and producer with over a decade of experience in the Music City community. Shawn’s talent as an engineer and producer and his inside out knowledge of Pro Tools have earned him a stellar reputation in the industry. Among his credits are The Dixie Chicks, Lonestar, Toby Keith, Trace Adkins, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, and Hank Williams, Jr. Shawn led the development efforts for the revolutionary Pro Tools training program in 2000. His contribution to the development of  Digidesign's Certification program, as one of its first instructors, helped make it what it is today .

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David Rosenblad

Award-Winning 20+ year veteran of the audio and music industry

Learn the principles behind your craft, the theories behind the technology, and the art. It will help you adapt to whatever curves new technology might toss your way.

David Rosenblad is an award winning 20+ year veteran of the audio and music industry. He was the recipient of the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre award for Sound Design in 1984 and has since gone on to win many television awards. David’s skill as a sound designer, composer, music producer, sound editor and recording/mix engineer, underpin his numerous music ventures. David is president and owner of DRM Productions, Inc. aka- DRM: sir reel sound - located in Dallas. His company provides post audio services for documentaries, feature films, television, commercials for radio and television and a variety of music projects. DRM’s client’s include, PBS, HBO, MTV, HDnet, History Channel, Regent Entertainment, Think Film, New Films International, among many others. He has worked with an eclectic array of artists, such as Herbie Man, Freddie Fender, the Deathray Davies, Everclear, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Alan Holdsworth, Cheap Trick, The Flaming Lips, Maynard Ferguson and Brave Combo. He spends much of his non-session time playing guitar on various projects, and is a practicing yogi who brings his love of music to the practice of Kirtan. Namaste, David!

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Mihai Boloni

Talented Engineer and long-time Pro Tools Educator

This industry has evolved very rapidly in the last ten years and it continues to evolve at breakneck speed - one has to constantly learn new things and adapt.

Mihai Boloni, talented engineer and long-time Pro Tools educator, has worked in music production for over a decade. An industry professional who has been with ProTools from the ground up, he understands first-hand, the benefit of ProTools mastery for artists, producers and engineers. Mihai enjoys sharing his expertise with his students and helping them develop the skills they need to foster opportunities using their artistry and creativity. Mihai’s accomplishments include song writing and production. He is the studio manager and main engineer at Audio One/Stankonia Studio B in Atlanta, does sales and consultation for Audio One (includes Recording Studio, Smart Home Automation and Home Theatre) and is the founder of Dynamic Audio Command which specializes in Recording Studio Technology and consulting. Some of his clients include - West Five Records (London, UK), Stankonia Recording (Atlanta, GA), ZAC Recording (Atlanta, GA), Eclipse Audio (Atlanta, GA).

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Donald Guillaume
I learned something new about Pro Tools at ProMedia Training, even though I had used Pro Tools for about 10 years prior to going to PMT.

Creative talent Donald Guillaume comes by it naturally. Born into in to a church-going Haitian family to a preacher father, music surrounded he and his musical siblings. Donald was the drummer for the Grammy Award winning band, The Fugees for nearly a decade where his unique drum sounds enthused the beat. He’s worked with varied artists such as Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, Whitney Houston, BB King, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Willie Nelson. Donald is presently creating drum software based on his distinctive sound with his former ProMedia Training instructor, Terron Darby. When he’s not bringing his phenomenal drum skill to a song, he can be found utilizing his Pro Tools expertise in the New Jersey area, producing and engineering at various studios.

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Barre Duryea-The Tonight Show
The most important element I learned was how to use Pro Tools in real life situations…to make a professional sounding finished product.


When Barre Duryea got the call to move from New York to LA to help run the technical aspects for The Tonight Show's house band, the Max Weinberg 7, he knew he wanted to upgrade his studio skills with Pro Tools. He wanted to take the best Digidesign training possible and he wanted to complete the curriculum quickly! It didn't take him long to choose ProMedia Training. For 20 years Duryea toured with bands such as, Patti Smith, Fun Lovin.. Criminals, New York Dolls, Lloyd Cole, Robyn Hitchcock, and The Feelies. He’s always loved time in the studio recording new projects and will bring his experience and Digidesign skills with him to his California gig for rehearsal, demos and show pre-record. Congratulations on your new position, Barre! And, be sure to get in some sun and surf for us!

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