120: Mastering Waves Plug-ins – 1 day/ 8 hrs | Course Descriptions | Audio Engineering Education

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120: Mastering Waves Plug-ins – 1 day/ 8 hrs

Mastering Waves Plug-ins is Waves Software training course that provides a broad understanding of the principles and proper application of signal processing. Students will become familiar with relevant vocabulary, background information and understand the uses and benefits of various plug-ins. 5 popular Waves plug-ins are included in the course. This class prepares a student to take the manufacturer's Waves Certification Exam.  This can demonstrate to your skill-set that you took this course as per the manufacturers set curriculum.

  • The fundamentals of working with Waves plug-ins
  • Understanding and using Renaissance EQ
  • Understanding and using Renaissance Compressor
  • Understanding and using C1 Parametric Compander
  • Understanding and using Renaissance Reverb
  • Understanding and using SuperTap 2
  • The full multitrack session for demonstration purposes

Basic computer skills and some audio recording knowledge, such as a basic understanding of recording techniques, processes, and equipment. iLok key and account required.


Waves Certification