201: Pro Tools 201 – Core Concepts to Operate Pro Tools System - ProMedia Pro Tools Training

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PT201: Pro Tools 201 – Pro Tools HD Systems / Workflow 

Pro Tools 201 is an Avid / Digidesign Pro Tools Training, Audio Engineering and Music Production course that covers the core concepts and skills you need to operate a Pro Tools system in an advanced or professional studio environment. You will go into greater depth into concepts such as automation, editing, mixing and session management. Experience will be gained through a series of class exercise and project files.  This class is recommended to experienced audio engineers trying to enhance their abilities, as well as aspiring audio engineers looking for more advanced training.

  • Introducing Pro Tools HD
  • Customizing Pro Tools
  • Session Management
  • Converting Session Files
  • DigiBase Browser Overview
  • Selection Techniques
  • Editing
  • Using Strip Silence
  • Using Auto Fades
  • Automating Plug-Ins
  • Writing, Editing, & Suspending Automation
  • Mixing Preferences
  • Track Signal Flow
  • Inserts & Plug-ins
  • Finishing the Session
  • Internal & External Mixdown
  • Digital Formats
  • Basic Concepts of Digital Audio
  • Working with Digidesign Control Surface Book Included
Recommended Prerequisites:

Completion of the 110 course or 2 years of relevant audio engineering experience.