210M: Pro Tools 210M – Music Production Techniques - ProMedia Pro Tools Training

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PT210M: Pro Tools 210M – Music Production Techniques

Pro Tools 210M is an Avid / Digidesign Audio Engineering Pro Tools Training course that completes the skills needed to competently operate a sophisticated a Pro Tools system in a professional environment with a focus on music. In this advance course, students are exposed to a number of music production techniques including interacting with external MIDI devices, loop editing, sampling in Pro Tools and using sound replacer. This class is recommended to already working professional audio engineers looking to advance their skills, learn the latest techniques, and stay current with technology. It is also a preparation course to prepare for the Pro Tools Certification Exam, as set by the Avid Certification Program. (Avid Certification Tests AOCM (Avid Operator Certification in Music).

  • Interacting with External MIDI Devices
  • Using MIDI Beat Clock
  • Importing Data from Other Sessions
  • Click & Countoff Options When Tracking
  • Quick Punch
  • Comping Multiple Takes
  • Using Virtual Instruments
  • Composing in a MIDI Environment
  • Professional Editing Techniques
  • Loop Editing
  • Customizing Fades
  • In Depth Beat Detective
  • Editing Tempo
  • Sampling in Pro Tools
  • Customizing with Memory Locations
  • Using Sound Replacer
  • Arranging
  • In Depth Region Grouping & Looping
  • Mixing & Automation
  • External Layback
  • DSP Usage
  • Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Synchronization Concepts
Recommended Prerequisites:

Completion of the 201 course or 3 years of relevant audio engineering experience.