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PT210P: Pro Tools 210P - Post Production Techniques

Pro Tools 210P completes the skills needed to competently operate a sophisticated Pro Tools system in a professional or advanced studio environment with a focus on Post Production. In this advanced course, students will learn a number of concepts such as synchronization, ADR concepts, mixing to picture and media exchange formats. This course prepares you for testing for Pro Tools Certification in Post Production, known as the AOCP (Avid Operator Certification in Post Production).

  • Synchronizing Pro Tools for Audio Post
  • Setting Frame Rates & Session Start Time
  • Linear Video in Pro Tools
  • Spot Mode in Post Production
  • Timestamps
  • Non-Linear Video in Pro Tools
  • Importing QuickTime & Avid Compatible Media
  • Using DIGI Translator
  • Using Media Station
  • Avid Terminology
  • Recording & Editing ADR in Pro Tools
  • Organizing Your Session
  • Editing Multi-Channel Audio in a Stereo Environment
  • Mixing to Picture
  • Session Signal Flow
  • Snapshot Automation
  • Mixing & Writing Automation for Post on an Avid Control Surface
  • Playback & Exporting Options
  • Synchronization Concepts
  • Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts
  • DSP Usage
  • Advanced Authoring Format & Media Exchange Format
  • DigiDelivery
Recommended Prerequisites:

Completion of the 201 course or 3 years of relevant audio engineering experience.