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A 0010 Layer2

A 0010 Layer2

PT310M: Pro Tools 310M Expert Avid Pro Tools Certification – 3 days / 24 hours

Pro Tools 310M is the most advanced Expert Level Avid / Digidesign Certification preparation course that focuses on the advanced operation of a Pro Tools TDM systems for music production. This course is complete with audio and MIDI production examples commonly found in real-world scenarios involving music-related Pro Tools sessions. 310M classes are very small typically with no more than 4 students in a class. Students are exposed to highly advanced editing and mixing techniques, advanced control surfances, troubleshooting techniques, automation and various advanced plug-ins. Once you complete 310M, you are prepared to take a hands on and written examto earn your AECM (Avid Expert Certification in Music). This is currently the higest level of Pro Tools Certification that can be achieved within the Avid Curriculum

  • Configuration and troubleshooting
  • Tactile control of Pro Tools
  • Increase efficiency on worksurfaces
  • Advanced recording and importing audio
  • Includes project interchange
  • Advanced editing
  • Expert music editing techniques
  • Synchronization
  • Detailed common aspects of synchronization
  • Advanced routing and mixing
  • Expert mixing concepts
  • Advanced automation
  • Pro Tools expert automation functionality
  • Mixing with plug-ins
  • Music delivery
  • Expert focus on ICON worksurfaces in music production
Recommended Prerequisites:

Completion of the 210M course or 4 years of relevant audio engineering experience

Prepares student for testing for Avid Pro Tools Expert Certification:

DECM (Digidesign/AVID Expert Certification in Music).