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PT310P: Pro Tools 310P Expert Avid
Pro Tools Certification in Post Production
– 3 days / 24 hours

Pro Tools 310P is the expert level Avid Certification Course in Post Production, with a focus on the advanced operation of a Pro Tools TDM systems for post production. This course is complete with post production examples commonly found in real-world scenarios involving music-related Pro Tools sessions. Once you complete 310P, you are qualified to take a hands on and written exam and earn your AECP (Avid Expert Certification in Post Production). This is the highest level of Pro Tools Certification that can be earned within the Avid Curriculum.

  • Configuration and workflow troubleshooting
  • Network and collaboration workflows
  • Using Pro Tools on a network
  • Tactile control of Pro Tools
  • Increased efficiency on worksurfaces
  • Recording Foley with PRE
  • Conforming with Pro Tools
  • Linear and non-linear conforming
  • Expert editing workflows
  • Advanced routing and mixing
  • Expert mixing concepts
  • Advanced automation
  • Pro Tools expert automation functionality
  • Advanced layoff
  • Learn about speed correction
  • Expert focus on ICON worksurfaces in music production

Completion of the 210P course or 4 years of relevant audio engineering experience


DECP (Digidesign Expert Certification in Post Production).