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AVID: Media Composer

Avid Media Composer 101, newly updated for version 5, provides students with exposure to the core skills, workflows, and concepts involved in professional nonlinear editing on Avid Media Composer systems. It covers the new timeline direct manipulation tools, AMA enhancements, mixing frame sizes and aspect ratios, transcoding mixed rate material, and the new user interface updates for both Macintosh and Windows systems. Session time is divided between demonstration and hands-on practice, with dedicated lab time for experimentation with sample material. Avid Media Composer 101 is also appropriate for Avid Symphony users.

  • Capture media and prepare for editing
  • Organize source material in bins
  • Use basic editing techniques for synch and non-sync material
  • Trim and fine-tune video and audio
  • Customize the system
  • Work in the Timeline
  • Enhance audio
  • Create horizontal effects
  • Create multilayered and nested effects
  • Use basic 3D warp effects
  • Use keyframes
  • Understand effects performance and rendering
  • Autostabilize images
  • Use automatic color correction
  • Work with file-based media
  • Create titles with Avid Marquee
  • Create motion effects
  • Manage projects and media
  • AAF import and export to Pro Tools
  • Output work

No familiarity with the system is necessary; a background in editing, production, or post-production is strongly recommended.

*includes the Avid Media Composer User Certification Exam

Avid Media Composer User Certification Exam

Official training on Avid Media Composer opens the door to unmatched creative and career opportunities. Back up your Media Composer Training investment with industry-recognized certification. By becoming certified, you’ll be joining a community of editors just like you, where you’ll get advice, hear about real-world projects, and expand your personal and professional network.

An Avid Certified User credential allows you to:

  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Make your resume stand out with downloadable logos
  • Prove your credentials with a Certificate of Achievement
  • Gain recognition from your employer and/or peers with Avid's online Certified Professional listing

The Avid Media Composer User Certification requires that you display a firm grasp of the core skills, workflows, and concepts of non-linear editing on the V5.0 Avid Media Composer system. Avid collaborated with a team of psychometricians, test development consultants, and technology subject matter experts throughout the exam development process to ensure the exam is reliable, fair, and valid.

The exam is designed to assess a candidate's core skills for editing with Avid Media Composer, including the fundamental concepts and workflow of editing, and covers content from the Avid Media Composer 101 course.

To see the testing environment and some of the types of questions, take Avid's Media Composer Sample Exam. Performance on the practice exam is not meant to be an indicator of performance on the certification exam.