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About ProMedia Training

ProMedia is a Pro Tools-Centric Audio Engineering School with a focus on Recording, Mixing, Music Production and Multimedia Training for Musicians, Producers and Recording Engineers.  We also offer Pro Tools Certification, Pro Tools on-site corporate training, Hands-On Instructor Led Pro Tools Training, classes in Audio Engineering, and Creative Songwriting workshops as well  in our other locations nationwide as well as overall Avid Training.

Are you considering schools to obtain an Audio Engineering Degree?  Before investing in a longer term college or degree program, enroll in our courses to experience hands-on Pro Tools Training and Audio Engineering Courses, before investing in longer term programs that often require huge financial investments, and long term commitments.

ProMedia Training is the leader in Pro Tools Training courses to prepare you for  Pro Tools Certification, accelerated audio engineering, recording, mixing and related multimedia training for musicians, producers, recording engineers, worship facilities and corporations. ProMedia Training is the premier authorized Avid Pro School in many cities in the U.S., having certified more students in Pro Tools than any other organization. We offer a wide range of packages and programs featuring Pro Tools 10 Training, soon Pro Tools 11 and Certification, and have state of the art facilities, and partner facilities in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville, San Diego, New York and Washington, DC.

We also provide on-site training for corporations and worship facilities where professionals can advance their skills while learning in their own working environment. Accelerated training is the best option for professionals already in the audio world. ProMedia Training helps you apply your creativity using modern applications so your digital audio production skills match the pace of the industry.


What makes ProMedia Training unique?

  • ProMedia FacultyProMedia Faculty
    Faculty Quality and Experience

    ProMedia Training Instructors bring decades of professional experience in the world of digital audio production to our students. Our training staff consists of the most esteemed personalities in the field of audio/music production, not academics or end-users who have been promoted to trainers. ProMedia Training Instructors have worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry including U2, Aerosmith, Ricky Martin, Steely Dan, Ozzy Osbourne, Outkast, Dixie Chicks, Just to name a few! You will be taught by a faculty which boasts hundreds of Gold and Platinum albums, 12 Grammy™ Awards and hundreds of well-recognized books and articles under their belt. Our ProMedia Training Staff spends a minimum of 25% of their time outside the classroom involved in music and audio production.
  • Manufacturer Support
    ProMedia Training has long-standing partnerships with some of the most well-known and respected manufacturers in the audio industry including Avid / Digidesign, Apple, Propellerheads – makers of the renowned software Reason, M-Audio, McDSP, Sound Toys, WAVES and Shure among many others. Most of ProMedia Training  classes are certified and approved by these manufacturers. This support by the manufacturer guarantees the credibility and quality of your training.
  • Long Term Support and Commitment
    ProMedia Training is committed to your success. We want you to succeed as much as you want to succeed. ProMedia Training will see you through and insure your success. If you do not pass your Pro Tools Certification Exam the first time, you may utilize our ProMedia Training support staff to help. If you require additional attention, you may retake certification training courses for up to 6 months from your original training at no cost to you with the approval of the Executive Director. ProMedia Training is the only learning facility in the music and audio industry to make such a promise.