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Student Resources

ProMedia Training's student resources are designed to support you in your life-long commitment to music and audio education. It can also help you discover opportunities using the skills you have developed at ProMedia Training.

    • Job Board
      Our job board provides Audio Egninggering related employment opportunities to students with skills learned at ProMedia Training. If you represent an organization looking for candidates with digital audio engineering, music technology or Pro Tools skill call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    • Recommended Reading
      We've put together a list of recommended reading that we think you'll find invaluable. You'll find highly technical books, CDs and DVD's on various subjects related to music, recording, editing, mixing, and post production.

    • What our Students Say
      There's no better way to visualize the difference ProMedia Training will make for your skills and career than to read the experiences of other ProMedia Training students. Become more proficient, creative and to translate ideas into reality.

    • New Financial Options for ProMedia Students
      Traditional Student Loan – Perfect for all Credit Scores

      • Credit Scores considered above 550, or a co-signer may be required.
      • Up to 24 months to pay off the loan
      • Low monthly payments with auto draft, so you don’t have to worry about missing payments.
      • Interest rate ranging from 12.95% to 16.99 % depending on credit score
      • A parent, friend, or other may co-sign for the loan for those faced with damaged credit or no income.
      • Income requirement should be approximately 50% of the loan requested. For example, if you are submitting for a $2000 student loan, than your monthly income should be at least $1000 per month.
      • You may pay off early with no pre-payment penalty or have the option to make additional principle payments.
      • Same day pre-approval.
      • Depending on credit, you may be required to put down a partial deposit.
      • Application for pre-approval and all loan documents can be done online and we will assist you through the process. Quick and simple- no confusing documents to mail.
      • Proof of valid ID and social security number required for approval as well as proof of income from student or co-signer.
      • If approved, a loan processing fee will be added to the total invoice.

      SHORT TERM FINANCING – Up to $4000.00

      • Perfect for those who want to pay for a class over 3 to 6 months
      • Credit qualified is based on quality of checking account history and not a traditional credit score.  Good alternative for those with damaged credit.
      • All you need is a bank account without a history of bouncing checks and a short application.
      • Can be done in person at our Miami headquarters, or via mail for other locations.
      • Interest as low as 12.95% to 28.95% depending on length of months.
      • 25% down payment required
      • Slightly more difficult to get approved than our Traditional Student  Loan, and payments are required to be drafted out of a personal checking account.

      LONG TERM LOAN – Up to $25,000.00

      • For those with credit scores over 700, you may qualify for our long term loan.
      • Similar to a line of credit where the interest rate is low, about 12.95% and you can pay it off slowly over multiple years and have flexible payments.
      • You have the option to only have to pay the interest on any given month.
      • Loan may be approved for up to $25,000.00

      Pay As You Go Tuition Plan

      If you don't want to pay for your entire education in advance, we offer a Pay as you Go Tuition option. We will not charge interest and your credit will not be checked. The components of the Pay as you Go option are:

      • A down payment to ensure your seat.
      • A convenient payment schedule for the remaining balance.


Student Highlight
Marsha Radcliffe - Double Platinum Award Winning Producer Marsha was asked the following question, "Why did you attend sessions with ProMedia Training?" This is what she had to say:

"Coming from the analog world and being out of the business for a while, I needed to update my skills to the professional industry standard of Pro Tools. You can have confidence in knowing that the Career Program at Pro Media will give you the tools to stay on the cutting edge of todays technology and be competitive in the industry." - Masha Ratcliffe