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David Rosenblad

Award-Winning 20+ year veteran of the audio and music industry

Learn the principles behind your craft, the theories behind the technology, and the art. It will help you adapt to whatever curves new technology might toss your way.

David Rosenblad is an award winning 20+ year veteran of the audio and music industry. He was the recipient of the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre award for Sound Design in 1984 and has since gone on to win many television awards. David’s skill as a sound designer, composer, music producer, sound editor and recording/mix engineer, underpin his numerous music ventures. David is president and owner of DRM Productions, Inc. aka- DRM: sir reel sound - located in Dallas. His company provides post audio services for documentaries, feature films, television, commercials for radio and television and a variety of music projects. DRM’s client’s include, PBS, HBO, MTV, HDnet, History Channel, Regent Entertainment, Think Film, New Films International, among many others. He has worked with an eclectic array of artists, such as Herbie Man, Freddie Fender, the Deathray Davies, Everclear, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Alan Holdsworth, Cheap Trick, The Flaming Lips, Maynard Ferguson and Brave Combo. He spends much of his non-session time playing guitar on various projects, and is a practicing yogi who brings his love of music to the practice of Kirtan. Namaste, David!

  • When did you know you wanted to be in the music business?
    I probably got an inkling in high school when I was playing guitar and piano, messing around with cheap tape recorders and taking apart my parent's stereo!
  • How did you break into the biz?
    What biz? No, seriously, it more or less evolved after college. I did get a gig doing theatre sound design, and media tech services at a university, where we put in a small recording studio, as well as doing lots of live sound for bands and touring. It eventually led to more frequent free-lance studio work.
  • When did you first feel like you had reached a level of success?
    Probably when I mixed my first album project for a band on my own, many years ago and when I presented it to them, they loved it. I feel like I'm always trying to achieve a new level of success.
  • How long have you been teaching at ProMedia Training?
    I’ve been teaching at PMT since the summer of 2008. I'm a newbie here.
  • How do you think a student benefits from training at ProMedia Training?
    As far as getting concentrated training in Pro Tools, it is definitely one of the best in-depth and thorough programs around. The instructors are professionals working in the industry doing real projects. And you have the choice of enrolling in the accelerated certification “boot camp” classes or the longer career program. What is your advice for someone trying to get started in the music business? Learn the principles behind your craft, the theories behind the technology, and the art. It will help you adapt to whatever curves new technology might toss your way. Be persistent, be versatile and be good with people and potential clients. This includes being a good listener and especially being attentive to hearing people's needs. Understand that you don't really know much yet and be ready to grow from the peaks and valleys of your journey.