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Donald Guillaume
I learned something new about Pro Tools at ProMedia Training, even though I had used Pro Tools for about 10 years prior to going to PMT.

Creative talent Donald Guillaume comes by it naturally. Born into in to a church-going Haitian family to a preacher father, music surrounded he and his musical siblings. Donald was the drummer for the Grammy Award winning band, The Fugees for nearly a decade where his unique drum sounds enthused the beat. He’s worked with varied artists such as Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, Whitney Houston, BB King, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Willie Nelson. Donald is presently creating drum software based on his distinctive sound with his former ProMedia Training instructor, Terron Darby. When he’s not bringing his phenomenal drum skill to a song, he can be found utilizing his Pro Tools expertise in the New Jersey area, producing and engineering at various studios.

When did you know you wanted to be in the music/digital audio production industry?
Wanting to be in the music/digital audio production industry was a natural
transition for me since I play drums which consists of many different components. I developed an ability to put together different musical parts to
create one end product, which in essence is what music production is.

How did you find and choose to study at ProMedia Training (PMT)?

I found PMT by doing a search on the Internet for a
school that would further my knowledge of Pro Tools, which I had been using for years! I chose PMT because I really liked the class setting. The class sizes are small so you really get one on one attention from the instructor. I also like the idea of everyone being at their own workstations as they watch the teacher give the lesson on a big screen in front of the class. This made it so easy to follow what he was doing.

What specifically did you learn at ProMedia Training that you have found to be the most helpful in your career?

What I found most useful for me at PMT is the Production with
Pro Tools class and the Reason class.

Can you describe the process from graduation to starting your career? Did you
feel prepared and properly trained?
Actually, I started using the techniques that I was learning at ProMedia Training while I
was still in the program. I learned something new about Pro Tools
everyday, even though I had been using Pro tools for about 10 years prior to
going to PMT.

Can you speak to the quality of the teachers at PMT?
The teachers are very knowledgeable of the curriculum and very open to answering any questions by the students. For example, I would be working on a certain Pro Tools project at home and run into some difficulties and hard to solve problems. I would just send my instructor an email and he would tell exactly what to do…problem solved!

What are you working on now?
I'm currently working as a producer/engineer at a variety of recording
studios in the central Jersey area. I'm also working on a drum sounds software
consisting of my signature drum sounds and style. The drum software will consist of a variety of high quality drum sounds and drum loops with my signature style, which can be used with other music production software to create some incredible sounding drum tracks for any project. Drum styles will include, pop rock hip hop and r&b.