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Frank Faricy - ProMedia Student SPOTLIGHT - An Audio Engineer's Journey

For our student spotlight this go-round we have Mr. Frank Faricy.

Everyone meet Frank, Frank this is…. Everyone.


We are thrilled to introduce you to Frank because he came to ProMedia Training with some real experience and spent ten days in class, highlighting that the ProMedia Training courses are what gives you the creative edge whether you are a trained professional or just beginning.

Frank began the pursuit of his dream in his native England by working in the theatre as both a performer and a technician. Realizing at an early age that he was a devotee of all things rhythmic, Frank made the drums his instrument of choice. A decision that would have been obvious to his school instructors due to Frank’s incessant tapping on his desk with whatever was handy.

He left school at 16 with a working knowledge of electronics, computers, physics and the all important, firmly established love of music. By the time Frank was 18, he moved to the US to further his career in Theatre Production. The US is where he discovered what would be his real passion – the art and science of audio production.

He loved it so much he devoured all the information he could find on the subject. He read all the articles and books he could locate. He even went out to live gigs to talk directly with the engineers. Eventually he took classes and earned a diploma in Audio Recording. Frank explains, “I just love everything about it, the technical aspect, the science, the music being created right in front of you, the fact that you get to enhance and deliver the artist’s message to their fans — all of it”.

Frank realized that the way to go was to break into the Live Audio Production industry. He went on every gig he could and would do any job that was needed. Which means there was a lot of cable winding and case moving.Frank was particularly driven, “I used to call up Live Sound companies and ask them to work on their next gig for free, just to gain experience. I would ask the audio team a million questions and for some reason, they didn’t seem to mind. I would take my camera and take pictures of literally every piece of audio gear on site. I would then go back home and Google each one of them, learning about what each thing did and how it related to all the rest. I had one guy that took me on a few of his freelance gigs. Pretty big stuff. All I would do is coil cable and move boxes around but man did I ask a lot of questions!”

Now that’s really how it’s done.

Frank finally found a mentor in a gentleman named Old Mel. Mel showed Frank his first real console, a Yamaha LS9-32. Frank soaked up everything he could from Old Mel including learning the basics of Front Of House mixing. Frank was thrilled with being given the opportunity to do some mixing on his own – once Old Mel thought he was ready. Frank remembers a particularly positive mixing experience, “I remember the first gig I mixed by myself. It was real high-end jazz and blues with some of the best musicians I have ever seen. People who I had seen play with Bob Dylan, The Mamas and the Papas etc. I was terrified, but I did pretty good job and one of them even thanked me afterwards for a good mix!”

Next step? Move to LA!

Frank characterizes it, “When I moved to LA, It all started for real. I got the larger consoles, the huge sound systems, the massive crowds and bigger artists. I did everything from festivals to one time shows and even a little broadcast mixing”.Frank continued to gain experience in the Live Sound field. He attributes his success in the live arena to “always maintaining a dedicated, disciplined and professional approach” to his work.

After 4 years in the live mixing world Frank determined that his next challenge was getting into the recording studio world.Frank had a ton of live mixing experience, but he lacked the skills necessary to really “kill it” as a studio engineer. “What I knew as my weak point was Pro-Tools. I used it quite a few times doing basic edits, practicing my live mixing by throwing the recorded tracks into pro-tools and recording a gig on an HD rig. But I had seen some top mix assistants in action and knew that I was definitely lacking.”

Frank knew right where to go, “That’s where ProMedia Training came in. I had noticed that my best training and education was when I did a course with the company itself, not a school or educational institute. And then got to work with people who were working professionals. ProMedia had both for me. They are an Avid certified learning partner and very much so connected to Avid. Both instructors are working professionals in the industry. That to me is the perfect combo. And as expected, I came out of those classes with a confidence that I could deliver whatever is needed for a client and fast.

Before I use to look at the Edit Window and have a hazy understanding of half of it. Now I look at it and I can name and use every part of it and all of its menus. Very, very happy with it.”Frank is now putting his newly acquired ProMedia Training Pro Tools skills to work doing independent mixing and recording at his home studio with his own Pro Tools rig.

We wish Frank great luck with all his upcoming achievements.

With an attitude like Frank’s you can’t help but continue to “live your dreams.”

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