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Lily Lambert

This week in the ProMedia Student Spotlight we have, part Irish, part Welsh, English born singer-songwriter Lily Lambert. Lily considers her very original take on Folk Rock/ Alt Country having the same non-conformist attitude as artist like Bjork and Enya.  


 With her firm grasp of song craft and her ability to shift from the airy delicate to the ethereally angelic and still keep it grounded in reality, Lily’s music definitely reflects a rich musical history.

 After graduating from Law School [with Honors of course] our overachieving heroine went directly to New York City. If you can make it there you can make it anywhere. That’s exactly what Lily did. She performed in a number of musicals and Off-Broadway productions. It was in all those backstage areas and rehearsal rooms that Lily found the time to write her first album, Life Of Lily.  In November  2014 Lily released her  latest record titled So Far . She received a nomination for Best Folk Artist, Album and Song of 2014 from The IMEA Awards. In addition So Far won the Akademia Award for Best Singer Songwriter Album in 2015 and the Global Music Award 2015 Bronze medal also for 2015.

Lily now finds herself living in sunny Southern California where she is continuing to set the world on fire with her music.

Lily has received some high critical praise for her spiritually informed musical expression; “Lily knows how to keep things  interesting musically, taking cues from Angie Heart [of Frente] by using the raw quirkiness of her personality in the delivery of each song…the one constant is Lily’s voice and delivery. With her cute British accent and punk punctuation, she is a shoe-in for fans of Lily Allen” - Blogcritics  

We caught up with Lily recently to find out how she is putting her ProMedia training to use in the creation of her music. Lily really wanted to get the Pro Tools certification. She wanted to not waste a lot of time with trial and error so she signed up for the classes, took the examination and got her Avid Pro Tools User Certification.

Lily found the ProMedia classes helped her immensely with her preparation for going into the studio to record her next record. She would learn something in class and immediately go home and adjust things in her Pro Tools based on what she learned in the day’s session. The classes really helped Lily to gain confidence in her ability to handle the technical challenges while still being her best creative self. She illustrates, “It really helped with the creativity because you know you can do these things now.” Now she knew what she was doing and it made the whole process a lot more streamlined.  

Lily went directly from the ProMedia training classes into the studio to do a Christmas album. Liliy explains, “ I had some of the stuff already laid out for the project. When you get into the studio, time is money so, I wanted to get prepared ahead of time. I wanted to have as much done and ready for the studio as I could.”

The ProMedia training Lily received made it possible for her to focus on getting all the tracks for her production ready for the studio without incurring any additional studio costs.


Lily is a classically trained pianist as well as a guitar player. We asked her if she has to play any differently on the keyboard to input the MIDI information than she would on, say a Grand Piano?

Lily describes the process as, “sometimes it’s tough, yeah. I end up having to track one part then the other one separately.” So, having the ability to edit in Pro Tolls both with MIDI and with audio is crucial to Lily’s getting her music just right.

As far as Lily’s future is concerned she plans on releasing her Christmas album probably by Thanksgiving of this year. Lily also performs seasonal concerts with The Young Actors Christmas Charity Outreach. she confesses she’s really “a geek at heart”. Lily sees herself one day owning a recording facility and producing other people’s music.  We have no doubt that Lily will continue to overachieve and accomplish whatever she sets her mind to.