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Michael Wynne

Award-winning Music Composer and Sound Designer

What ever your passion is follow it, think positive, be proactive, tell the truth and never give up!

micheal wynne

Michael Wynne is an award winning music composer and sound designer based out of White Dog Studio’s in Atlanta Georgia. He majored in music performance at University of Florida’s Jazz study program, and later went on to complete his studies with ProMedia Training’s audio training program. Michael’s interest in music and audio technology started at a young age and was honed through training, hands on experience and self study. His work in the audio post industry is broad-based and incorporates services such as music composition, sound design, location audio and mixing. Some of his clients include companies like Grey Advertising, Lab 601, Turner Broadcasting and Body Training Systems. You can find Michael’s music and sound design on top national brands like, Lionsgate, Coca Cola, Shoney’s and Nikon. Wynne’s life-long love of music and audio technology shows in his enthusiasm for training others as they receive practical application to help develop their creative vision. Today Michael’s clients and students continue to benefit from his wide range of real world experience. Michael has a true passion for teaching and enjoys helping others. He especially likes to encourage his students to work hard and succeed in their endeavors.

  • When did you know you wanted to be in the music business?
    Who doesn’t want to be a rock star? ( lol ) Well I guess that didn’t really work out, and just to be clear working in audio post is not necessarily working in the music business. I was first presented with audio post from a friend who wanted me to mix her independent film on a 48 hour film project. She knew I knew Pro Tools and wanted me to be part of her team. Being somewhat reluctant I agreed and I ended up loving it! I’ve never looked back since. To be able to create my own music and sound design for picture and other applications is very creative and great fun!
  • How did you break into the biz?
    You could say I took the unconventional route. Since my college training was in music performance, I felt like I was at a disadvantage in the audio industry and would need to work twice as hard. I bought lots of gear, read all kinds of books, and learned everything I could from resident pros. I was determined to succeed. I eventually found Pro Media Training, completed the training and ended up working as an enrollment rep for a few years before I was brought on as an instructor. Through networking in Atlanta and through ProMedia Training, I met lots of industry folks. It wasn’t really about making the connections as much as it was about learning to have good relationships.
  • What was your first real success?
    There are so many levels of success and types of achievement in the audio industry. For me, I felt like my first real success was later down the road when I landed a contract to create an original piece of music for the Coca Cola Company. It was a one minute spot which was going to be the theme video for the New World of Coke grand opening. I was able to work with a team of producers, editors, and the client directly. I remember thinking “ I’m the music guy!” I was surrounded by real pro’s which made me feel like I had become one too. All the training and preparation really helped me follow through! It’s one thing to get the gig and another to follow through and make it happen.
  • How long have you been teaching at ProMedia Training?
    I’ve been teaching Reason in the Real World with Pro Media Training since May 2007.
  • What advice would you give someone who is trying to break into the biz?
    What ever your passion is follow it. Think positive, be proactive, tell the truth and never give up!