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Mihai Boloni

Talented Engineer and long-time Pro Tools Educator

This industry has evolved very rapidly in the last ten years and it continues to evolve at breakneck speed - one has to constantly learn new things and adapt.

Mihai Boloni, talented engineer and long-time Pro Tools educator, has worked in music production for over a decade. An industry professional who has been with ProTools from the ground up, he understands first-hand, the benefit of ProTools mastery for artists, producers and engineers. Mihai enjoys sharing his expertise with his students and helping them develop the skills they need to foster opportunities using their artistry and creativity. Mihai’s accomplishments include song writing and production. He is the studio manager and main engineer at Audio One/Stankonia Studio B in Atlanta, does sales and consultation for Audio One (includes Recording Studio, Smart Home Automation and Home Theatre) and is the founder of Dynamic Audio Command which specializes in Recording Studio Technology and consulting. Some of his clients include - West Five Records (London, UK), Stankonia Recording (Atlanta, GA), ZAC Recording (Atlanta, GA), Eclipse Audio (Atlanta, GA).

  • When did you know you wanted to be in the music business?
    I’ve wanted to be in the music industry my entire life. When I was younger I played piano, trumpet and clarinet. Eventually, I realized my true passion was in the technical engineering side of music.
  • How did you break into the biz?
    I got my first gig working for Post Magic Production in Orlando FL. I started out working on audio books and Dialogue recording. This was my daytime gig that paid money. At night, I would record local bands at various studios around Orlando.
  • When did you first feel like you had reached a level of success?
    Success is hard to gauge. I still don¹t feel successful because there are so many things I have yet to accomplish, so many things I have yet to learn. I enjoy my work in the studio and try to have a certain level of humility in my work and life.
  • How long have you been teaching at ProMedia Training?
    I have been teaching at ProMedia since before it was ProMedia. It used to be known as Southeast Pro Tools Training Center. In 2002 I met with David Frangioni and Jennifer Yosowitz, the owners of Audio One and ProMedia. I became part of the initial development team with Digidesign that founded the Digidesign Pro Tools Certification Program. In April of that year, five of us met at Digidesign HQ in San Fran and started the long process of creating curriculum. In May 2002, I was the first Instructor worldwide to teach a Pro Tools Certification class.
  • How do you think a student benefits from training at ProMedia Training?
    Students really benefit from PMT by gaining a level of real world knowledge that is unsurpassed. Each one of our instructors is a working audio engineer. Most of us have been working in the industry as engineers for over 10 years. In that time, we have all seen technology evolve into what it is today. We’ve adapted to these changes in our professional lives and have a firm understanding of how the education we offer directly relates to the real world marketplace. We bring our ongoing studio experience to class with us each and every day. What is your advice for someone trying to get started in the music business? My advice for someone trying to break into the industry, is to learn as much as they can. This industry has evolved very rapidly in the last ten years and it continues to evolve at breakneck speed. In order to be successful, one has to constantly learn new things and adapt. Education is never-ending! Try to keep up with it as much as you can. Also, never turn down a gig. No matter what the gig is, it is beneficial because it expands one’s social network, and this social network is how each and every one of us gets new gigs.