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Terron Darby

Mix/Recording Engineer, Producer/Remixer, DJ

Networking is key. Stay true to yourself. Knowing how to troubleshoot in the studio makes you valuable and over all enjoy the ride!

ProMedia Trainer Terron Darby

Terron Darby has over 16 years of experience as a DJ in the world of dance and club culture, lighting up the dance floors from South Beach to Mexico City. In 1999, he joined the DJ collective, DHM (Deep House Movement) that introduced deep house to the forefront of the local Miami scene. DHM’s ‘Phylos Sessions’ parties inspired many house heads and DJs for several years. He’s also held solo residencies at Blue, Tantra, Level, Deluxe, Ivy and W6 Lounge in Miami, and at various NYC clubs like Glass Lounge, Sin Sin Deko, and Libation. Terron was the head engineer for SFP Records for several years, which houses four other independent sub labels. As a mix/recording engineer and producer/remixer he has proved his production prowess to a host of artists and labels. Terron has designed professional studios and tutored clients including Ozzy Osbourne, Lou Reed, Barry Gibb of Bee Gees fame, Robbie Williams, Ricky Martin, Moby, and Lenny Kravitz, among others.

  • What made you want to or when did you know you wanted to be in the
 music business?
    I was busy playing at clubs in the DJ community but I always wanted to learn how to make records. Attending engineering school made me realize that there were so many opportunities in the audio field ranging from sound design, recording to remixing.
  • How did you break into the biz?
    As for the DJ community it was solely through playing at nightclubs in Miami, New York, Mexico, etc. I was throwing different parties and through that, meeting Label owners, and I became the head engineer of a multi genre House label in Miami called SFP. During that time, I was mixing and co producing with many other independent labels like Emunity Records, Sofitone Recordings, Next Dimension and Chillin Music. I was also the Manager of a House music record store in Miami. I was the guy that ordered music directly from the distributors and provided DJs in Miami with their music and this allowed me to network with the leaders of the house music scene.

    I then moved to New York and teamed up with producer/dj Greg Cuoco to re-launch his deep house label called Aqua-booty! Records. We have a new single, Terron Darby featuring vocalist Big Brooklyn Red “Don’t Waste My Time", being released at Winter Music Conference in Miami 2009. This is a digital release on the Aqua-booty imprint. The remixes are from Grammy award winning producer, Eric Kupper.
 As for the engineering part of my career, I started working for David Frangioni
 a professional audio boutique (Digidesign Dealership/Pro School) in
 Miami called Audio One. This opened many doors for me because of Audio
One’s elite clientele list. The rest is history.
  • What was your first real success?
    That depends on how success is measured. I guess it was designing and installing a studio for Robbie Williams and Ozzy Osborne in LA. I was sent there by Audio One to integrate ProTools rigs for them. The Robbie Williams Studio liked my work and asked me to remain there for the recording of his album to make sure there were no technical snags. What a great experience working with Robbie Williams, Steven Duffy, 
and Andy Strange!
  • How long have you been teaching at PMT?
    I’ve taught at ProMedia Training from the very beginning of the school!
  • Any advice for someone trying to break into the biz?
    Networking is key. Stay true to yourself. Knowing how to troubleshoot in the studio makes you valuable and overall enjoy the ride! It’s not the outcome its the journey...