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Using Beat Detective In Pro Tools Tutorial

One of the many challenges in Music Production is how to deal with the timing of drum parts. Whether it's for fixing improper timing, creating a tempo map of the drummers performance, or saving the timing of a great drummer as a Groove Quantize file, Pro Tools has a very powerful feature called Beat Detective which allows you to do all of these things.

Melodyne Tutorial | Vocal Tuning in Pro Tools Edit Window

In this tutorial, learn to use Melodyne directly inside the Pro Tools Editor Window so you can start tuning vocals now. Melodyne Essential has now been integrated directly into the Pro Tools editing workflow with the release of Pro Tools 2022.9. This integration allows you to save immense time without having to transfer audio into or out of Melodyne. 

New Features Pro Tools 2022.9 Workflow Improvements

With the release of Pro Tools 2022.9 on Sept 28, 2022 there has been a lot of talk about the integration with Melodyne, but there are also several other workflow improvements that are equally as exciting. Some of these changes include a new Quantize feature sure to help with Music Production, new timecode overlay features for Post Production, and several other tweaks that will make your day-to-day work smoother.

Clip FX In Pro Tools | Video Tutorial

Clip FX in Pro Tools allow you to apply EQ, Compressor and other Dynamics changes directly to audio flies and individual clips on a track, without the need to use traditional plugins. This feature allows you to put effects on individual parts "clips" of a track but not necessarily on its' entirely, which also saves processing power. Clip FX is also non-destructive, allowing you to add or remove changes without having to process any files or use alternate edits. In this video, Avid Master Instructor Frank D. Cook shows you how easy it is to start using Clip FX along with step-by-step instructions.

Split Notes to Separate MIDI Drum Sequencing Pro Tools Tutorial

Sequencing drums has always presented a challenge to music producers. While it is easy to create the sequence on a single MIDI track, this doesn't allow you individual control over each elements of the drum mix. An easy way to overcome this challenge is to use Split Notes, which enables you to separate each MIDI note onto its own track giving you control over your drum mix. This article shows you how easy it is to utilize Split Notes in Pro Tools.

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