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Using Beat Detective In Pro Tools Tutorial

One of the many challenges in Music Production is how to deal with the timing of drum parts. Whether it's for fixing improper timing, creating a tempo map of the drummers performance, or saving the timing of a great drummer as a Groove Quantize file, Pro Tools has a very powerful feature called Beat Detective which allows you to do all of these things.

Track Presets In Pro Tools

Track Presets in Pro Tools allow you to save your favorite track settings to quickly recall in any session. Whether for recording, mixing, or MIDI production, this powerful tool saves time and streamlines your workflow. Watch the video narrated by Master Avid Instructor Frank D. Cook, along with written step-by-step instructions, to see how easy it is to create your own track presets.

How to use GrooveCell

Included with Pro Tools, GrooveCell is a virtual drum instrument that can be used to create drum loops, and load in your own drum samples from a folder on your hard drive. In this article, we are going to look at GrooveCell’s features for creating, organizing, and sequencing your own drum parts.

Editing In Melodyne | Manual Tools

In this final installment of our How To Use Melodyne series we take a look at how to manually edit pitch using the Tools. Manual editing is an extremely powerful feature, allowing you to make precise changes to the pitch, amplitude, fade, timing, and much more. 

Melodyne Tutorial Using Macros
Melodyne Tutorial Using Macros

In this article, we explain how Macros work in Melodyne, and show you how easy it is to start correcting pitch, timing, and levels for vocals and instruments. These powerful features can save you time, and clicks, by allowing you to move the notes you choose by the amount you choose, in order to achieve your ideal results.

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