Welcome back for part 2 of our interview with Randall Foster, VP of Business Development at Symphonic Distribution. We discuss different aspects of the music business such as Publishing, Sync, Marketing, Media Distribution, as well as the future of our industry.


We are in Nashville to talk with Randall Foster, VP of Business Development, for Symphonic Distribution. Having started his career as a music teacher, Randall found a path that allows him to help artists, songwriters, and musicians get their music out into the world. A true 21st century music company, Symphonic helps independent artist and labels that need a team in their corner. Having previously been with Ole Publishing, as the head of Creative Sync & Licensing, Randall's experience on the business end of music is second-to-none.


We interview Multi-Platinum and Billboard #1 songwriter Bonnie Baker. Selling over 20 Million records, and having written song for artist such as Hunter Hayes, Rachel Platten, Reba McEntire, Rascal Flatts, Katrina Elam, and many more, Bonnie shares her insight on the craft of songwriting.


Online Pro Tools Fundamentals 101 introduces you to all core principals and aspects of using your Pro Tools software/hardware for Recording and Editing Music, MIDI Sequencing, and Mixing Concepts.


Promedia Training presents another video on music production with Pro Tools. Avid Certified Instructor Mihai Boloni presents Elastic Audio tips and tricks to help with your songwriting and music production.


Avid Pro Tools Software, Watch this video to learn about features and functionality. ProMedia Training expert instructor will review many functions such as clip based gain, Avid Channel Strip, SoundCloud implementation, and more.


Continuing to build our chops for whipping around in the Edit window, in this tutorial I explain how to make and move Edit selections using key commands, tab and tab to transient. Before we can really dig into editing, you must know how to make a selection fit to edit, and this overview is a great place to learn some new techniques and dust off some of the modifiers used to manipulate the Edit selection.


Sometimes it's nice to learn cool tricks, even if they aren't incredibly useful just because they can be done. In this tutorial, we take a break from building the basic Pro Tools skills and I show a couple of tweaks you can make to the Mix window...okay, they are pretty useful, just not earth shattering. I'm sure more than a few of you know them already, but for those that don't enjoy.


You either love it, or your hate it - yes, I'm talking about the Smart Tool in Pro Tools. I've seen some absolutely fly around Pro Tools using it without having to mess with memorizing key commands or return trips to the toolbar with the mouse, while others pound on the desk in frustration trying to figure out which tool in the Smart Tool lottery they are going to end up with next. In this tutorial, I demystify the Smart Tool and tell you how to work with it...well, smartly.


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