You either love it, or your hate it - yes, I'm talking about the Smart Tool in Pro Tools. I've seen some absolutely fly around Pro Tools using it without having to mess with memorizing key commands or return trips to the toolbar with the mouse, while others pound on the desk in frustration trying to figure out which tool in the Smart Tool lottery they are going to end up with next. In this tutorial, I demystify the Smart Tool and tell you how to work with it...well, smartly.


One of the most important skills to learn when you're new to Pro Tools, is how to navigate the session. In this tutorial I share my favorite methods for zooming in the Edit window. Too many times I've seen end-users 'work around' the current zoom level (whatever it happens be), rather than adjust the zoom level so it works for them. It's difficult to make a precise edit or orient yourself to where you're in the session, if you don't know how to zoom in and out.


Whether you run Pro Tools on a slower or a faster computer, you should know how to get the most out of your system. In this tutorial I give you the low-down on the settings available in the Playback Engine. I explain how I set it up for each phase of my session, from tracking to editing and mixing, so that I leverage lower latency/higher CPU performance vs. higher latency/lower CPU performance at the right time. Understanding how to manager your resources in Pro Tools is a must for every end-user.


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With a lush tone reminiscent of a classic spring 'verb, the Seaverb by Andy Green Pedals give you a unique sound with classic character. We are joined by Chase The Jaguar guitarist, Sebastian, as we demonstrate the awesome pedal.


Enjoy ProMedia Training's up-close interview with Platinum and Multi-Award Winning Songwriters, Musicians, Producers, and Audio Engineers, Kevin and Kane Churko.This father and son team is highly unique, in that they Write, Produce, Engineer and Mix Mega-Hit Records with Pro Tools being at the heart of it all. It shows the importance of being versatile in today's music. These guys didn't go to Audio Engineering or Music Colleges. Shows how sweat equity and commitment to your craft can really pay off. While discuss we the art of Music Production, get an intimate glimpse into their process, mentality, and workflow of two of the most prolific Producers in the music industry. Join us behind the console.


See what it’s like to attend our hands-on Pro Tools Training Class. Join our in-studio lecture as we discuss techniques on how to Record, Edit, and use Playlists in Pro Tools. This class was filmed live at our partner studio, The Hideout Las Vegas. Avid Pro Tools Expert Instructor Mihai Boloni leads the class through a hands on lecture on recording audio in Pro Tools, as well as techniques used for editing and comping takes.


We are delighted to bring you an exclusive interview with Alan Parsons. Hosted by our very own Jenna Drey, Alan discusses his career as an Engineer, Producer, & accomplished Musician. You'll also hear about exclusive Art & Science of Sound Recording Workshop courses Alan teaches hands-on.


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