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Avid Pro Tools S3 Control Surface

The new Avid S3 Control Surface is now a stand-alone, DAW controller that can be used with Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase 7 +, Steinberg Nuendo 6.5 +, Media Composer, as well as Pro Tools. To further make it appealing, it also operates as a stand-alone audio interface that allows 4-inputs and 6-outputs, meaning you can use it and a laptop to record, mix, monitor, all in one.





With custom features that allow you to customize your workflow,automated faders, and full session integration, the S3 is the most flexible control surface ever to be released by Avid / Digidesign. Attached with a Cat5 cable and operating via EuControl, the S3 allows hands-on, tactile control of your projects regardless of brand or function.


Example utilizing S3 for continuous workflow:

  • Start a video session in Media Composer
  • Utilize Apple Logic for composition & sequencing
  • Pro Tools software for recording vocals, music & live elements
  • ADR (dialogue replacement) recording with Nuendo
  • Final audio mix via Pro Tools
  • Final video edit via Media Composer
  • The S3 can be utilized in every single step of the creative process, no matter whether your work involves audio, video, or both.






If you are looking to learn how to use these types of Advanced Control Surfaces, then the Avid Pro Tools Training and Advanced Certification Curriculum may be a great option for those looking to master their Pro Tools Skills.


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