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Avid Everywhere and Avid Media Central Platform

Avid Everywhere: The Future of Production and Media Distribution

At the recent NAB Show in Las Vegas, Avid unveiled their vision for the future with the Avid Media Central Platform and the Avid Everywhere vision. This new platform will be accessible directly within Avid products such as Pro Tools and Media Composer and allow users from all over the world to collaborate on projects. Users will be able to "invite" other people to share their session via the web while also able to message and video conference with those people. Imagine being able to work with musicians, artists, producers, and singers all from the creative comfort of your own private studio space. Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration will allow you to work and communicate with people from around the globe as if everyone were hanging out in the studio together. It will soon be common for people to work via collaborative Pro Tools sessions in real-time.

The most exciting features of the Avid Media Central Platform (for music production & recording) is the ability to work with talent via a remote Pro Tools session. I can "share" my session with a singer in LA, for example, once she downloads my session we can communicate via the built in web-chat feature, she can then record her vocal parts and once we're happy with the result, I can download the new track and changes back to my session.


While you're working on the remote Pro Tools session any changes that are made can easily be downloaded between each person simply by clicking a button in Pro Tools. The reason it is so fast is that you are downloading changes on a track by track basis so it's not a lot of data. Another key aspect is that all of the data is being tagged to keep track of who contributed to the project and which parts. This ties into the Avid Marketplace and the ability to manage and sell your media to the world.

My favorite aspect of all these new feature is how it will impact mixing in Pro Tools. It will be easier than ever for artists and record labels to work with mix engineers while keeping expenses to a minimum. Once the Pro Tools session is sync'd and the mix engineer starts to work on it, they can broadcast the mix back to the client via a Pro Tools iPad App or web browser. Yes! Remote mixing in Pro Tools will allow you to stream you mix directly to the client!


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