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What is the Avid Customer Association (ACA)?


The Avid Customer Association (ACA) is a new organization designed to provide essential strategic leadership to the media industry, facilitate collaboration between Avid and key industry leaders and visionaries, and deepen relationships between the company and our customers. If you are a Pro Tools User, this is a great organization to join when you are looking for help, industry news, networking with the music community, gaining access to webinars, and staying on top of the latest advances and techniques. We encourage students registered in Pro Tools Courses to consider the benefits of joining as a source of continued education.

The ACA is a program run by and for a dedicated group of media community visionaries, thought leaders and users. To ensure that Avid and the media industry is moving in the right direction, the ACA strives to provide a deeper level of communication and engagement between Avid and our customers, partners, and users than they otherwise have as part of the general Avid customer community.

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Benefits of ACA Membership:

· Ongoing interaction, networking and exposure to professional industry peers

· Access to insights and shared experiences from the world’s premier media companies

· Access to a future ACA portal for association-related discussion, interaction and best practices, only available to ACA members

· Access to Avid leadership through focused Advisory Councils

· Opportunity to increase influence on Avid Community and industry

· Ability to provide ongoing and regular feedback to Avid about specific business and process requirements and industry and company-specific needs


What does it mean to be a Member of the Avid Customer Association?

Continuing with a heritage of leadership and vision, Avid's launch of the Avid Customer Association (ACA) is an unmatched initiative in the media industry designed to provide essential strategic leadership, collaboration with industry leaders and visionaries, and a forum to address the most important issues facing the media industry. Run by and for the media community, the ACA is comprised of focused Advisory Councils representing different areas of the media industry (broadcast, audio, video) and supported and facilitated by Avid. These groups are led by Avid users and customers who are dedicated to addressing future industry strategy.

Avid's community is passionate about the transformation that the media industry is undergoing – and Avid is completely focused and dedicated to collaborating with the industry to drive necessary change.
Avid welcomes all customers and community members to participate in ACA and get involved in moving our industry forward. More details will be coming soon regarding ongoing involvement and particiaption in the ACA.

What is Avid Connect?

Avid Connect, the inaugural event of the ACA, is your first opportunity to be a part of this program and discussion to drive the industry forward. ACA members will have personal interaction and exposure to industry experts; access to best practices and shared experiences from the world's premier media clients; as well as exclusive participation in setting Avid's product direction and strategy.
More detailed information will be coming soon on how to become involved in the ACA on an ongoing, annual basis. The first step is to attend our inaugural event, Avid Connect.

Click here to register for Avid Connect 2014

Avid Community

The Avid Community is a vibrant and interactive group of Avid users from around the world. These valuable communities are where professionals and enthusiasts discuss the latest products, trends, and insights. The community also contains many tutorials, blogs and other informational items.
Avid Communities
Avid Blogs
Avid Audio Forum
Avid Live Sound Forum
Sibelius Forum

The Community Advisory Council servers as the voice of the Avid Community as part of the Avid Customer Association.

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