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Venue S6L: Avid Introduces Next Generation VENUE System

Venue S6L: Avid Introduces Next Generation VENUE System

For many years, Live Sound Engineers have depended on their Avid VENUE systems to "run the show". Now Avid introduces the latest VENUE system, S6L.

Based on the same DSP platform as Pro Tools HDX, the modular S6L is designed to take on the largest Live environments, or the most intimate, with ease. To bring the sound into your hands, this new system is fully "touch" capable with high-resolution touchscreens and OLED displays which are visible in sunlight/daylight conditions (this is a huge must for anyone working outdoor festivals).

b2ap3_thumbnail_CloseUpS6L_195x105.png b2ap3_thumbnail_CloseUpEngine_195x105.png


The highlight of this new system is the E6L Audio Engine. This engine handles all the routing, channel, and mixing functions, as well as the AAX plug-in processing. It does this by using the same DSP engine as Pro Tools HDX. The new engine allows you to run the same plug-ins as you have in the studio, along with full automatic delay-compensation! Holy Wow!!!! This provides an entirely new level of Pro Tools integration with the Live Sound world. You can record/playback up to 64 audio tracks via Ethernet AVB.

Key Features:

192 Input Channels
96 Mix busses
24 VCA's
200 Plug-in slots
64 Channels of audio to Pro Tools via Ethernet AVB

VENUE | E6L Engine Options

AVB-192 Ethernet AVB Network Card
Provides 2 independent Gigabit Ethernet ports—copper and Fiber (via SFP)

MADI-192 MADI Option Card
Provides bidirectional MADI over BNC connectors

BT-192 Thunderbolt Option Card
Provides high channel recording and playback to/from compatible Pro Tools system

HDX-192 DSP Expansion Card
Provides additional processing power for running AAX DSP plug-ins

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