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Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration Preview

Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration Preview

Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration is set to launch on March 31st, and you can get an exclusive preview from Avid & Mix Magazine this Wednesday, March 15th. In this special technology preview, Kevin Becka, from Mix Magazine, sits down with Tony Cariddi and Tim Carrol, from Avid.


Hosted at the fabulous Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN, join them to get a glimpse of the new Cloud COllaborationfeatures of Pro Tools 12.5. This highly anticipated release ushers in a new era of workflow, collaboration, and potential business development. Click on link to sign up:


To get an insight as to where this will take us in the future, Avid has release the demo video from NAMM 2016 which showcases this upcoming technology. Click on the video link below:

Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration Demo

Filmed at the NAMM show in January, Avid product specialists walk through the process of using Cloud Collaboration to work on a session & share information.

Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration 2

One of the visual changes you will see with the new release is the addition of new buttons to Pro Tools. These can be found next to the Mode Selectors, above the Rulers. These buttons will allow you to upload & download project contect from your collaborative partners, as well as know the status of any changes that are made to the session that have not been synced. 

Avid Artist Account 2

The first step to collaborative workflow is to join the Avid Artist Community. If you already have an Avid account, you have an artist login. Use the same login you do for the existing Avid Master Account, also the same login used for Training & Certification. Make sure to spend some time setting up your profile, addind description, pics, and media. Below is an example of my profile at the moment.

Avid Artist Account 1



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