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Using Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration Video Tutorials

Using Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration Video Tutorials

With so many new features added to Pro Tools in the past few months, Avid has put together a set of videos to show you how Cloud Collaboration, along with Track Freeze, and Commit, are used in a session.

Pro Tools 12.5 is the latest in the line of Pro Tools releases within the past few months. Each previous release has added a strategic feature designed to be an intergral part of Cloud Collaboration. With additions such as Commit and Track Freeze, each step adds to the functionality and ease of use when it comes to working with multiple people on a project. Avid recently hosted a webinar demonstrating how to use all these functions in Pro Tools 12.5.

Getting Started: This first video shows you how to get started with your Session and Project.

The Dashboard: Starting point for your Pro Tools Sessions and Projects

Converting a local Session to a cloud Project

Setting up for Pro Tools Collaboration: A quick tour of the interface as well as preferences

Chat Window: How to use the Artist Chat Window to find collaborative partners, invite collaborators, and communicate with them.

Workflow: Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration workflow and technique

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