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Pro Tools 12.8 - New Features

Pro Tools 12.8 - New Features

With the recent introduction of Pro Tools 12.8, Avid has brought forth a range of updates including improved Cloud Collaboration, Dolby Atmos® support, and much more.

Whichever version of Pro Tools you are using, version 12.8 not only give you new features, it also fixes serval bugs from the previous version. Let's take a look at all the new features:

Cloud Collaboration Features

Avid has now expanded the Cloud Collaboration features to the entire Pro Tools product line. Whether you're using the free version, Pro Tools First, regular Pro Tools, or HD, everyone now benefits from Cloud Collaboration and storage, with 10GB of storage for as little as $4.99/month. Regardless of which version of Pro Tools you're using, everyone can now collaborate with up to 10 people simultaneously. Furthermore, you can now choose to save projects locally, or in the cloud, via Selective Project Sync, which is designed to give you access to your projects from any Pro Tools computer you log in from. One last thing, you can now see Shared tracks in the Tracks List, and choose which one to download. You also have a new Preference which allows you to automatically download Shared tracks.

General Enhancements

Smart Tool Fade Preferences: One of the little known features of recent Pro Tools releases is the ability to edit a fade in/out in real-time while using the Smart-Tool. Simply click & drag an existing fade to chage its Shape. There is also a Preference availabe that allows you to set this feature as a default, or force it to use a keyboard modifier.

PT12 8 Fade SmartTool1     PT12 8 Fade SmartTool2

PT12 8 Fade SmartTool3

Keep Window On Top Preference: The MIDI Event List, Score Editor, MIDI Editor, & Worspace Windows can now be independently set to remain in the foreground even when clicking on another window, such as Mix or Edit. You can access this feature by clicking on each individual window's menu button.

ProTools12 8 window features1

Workspace / Soundbase Update: With each new version of Pro Tools, the Workspace keeps getting more refined and easy to work with. Pro Tools 12.8 is no different as it further refines the usability of the workspace and updates it to include newer data parameters for modern workflow.

These new features include:

- List is now alphabetized
- Right-clicking on column headers now shows a "Default" selector at the top of the list
- Ability to set column metadata values for multiple selected files
- Updated Play and Stop button in Waveform colum
- Updated "Advanced Search" button

PT12 8 Workspace1

HD Features (now in 3D)

The big news in HD land is the addition of Dolby Atmos® support, which brings Pro Tools into the world of 3D audio with the addition of Height Channels. 

ProTools12 8 Atmos1

* Requires Dolby RMU or Dolby Atmos® Renderer software

Dolby Atmos® is an audio technology used to create and playback multichannel movie soundtracks. Pro Tools 12.8 HD now incorporates Atmos® capabilities by adding support for 7.1.2 and 7.0.2 Tracks, Plug-In, and Bus support. While many of your are familiar with a traditional 5.1 / 6.1 setup, Atmos® incorporates another pair of speakers, either in-ceiling, or upward firing, which give us the ".2" addition. In addition, Atmos® utilizes a new format of audio file called ADM BWAV which includes object assignments, track names, and pan metadata all in a single file. This file can be imported in to Pro Tools utilizing the Import Session Data feature. 

There are slew of new features that relate to Atmos® capability including a 3D Panner with Height Controls, along with a "Theater" view of the pan window, which provide a rotating perspective panner. You can also connect up to 128 inputs with 118 Objects from Pro Tools directly to Dolby RMU or Atmos® Renderer Sofware. 12.8 also give you the addition of Automated Bussing between a track's Object output and Main output, along with an Object Fold-Down Bus.

PT12 8 Atmos1

New Atmos® tab in Peripherals to Enable connection to RMU

PT12 8 Atmos2

We will have a full write up on Dolby Atmos® in the near future. Until then, check out the video below for an explanation of how Atmos® works.

We are currently in the process of updating all of our Pro Tools systems at ProMedia to 12.8.


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