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New Features In Pro Tools 12.8.2

New Features In Pro Tools 12.8.2

With the release of Pro Tools 12.8.2 we see a major imporvement with MIDI workflow, as well as Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation plug-ins, Ambisonics, advanced Dolby Atmos enhancements, and more.

MIDI Workflow Improvements
As the first day of the 2017 AES convention begins, Avid was quick to announce the release of Pro Tools 12.8.2, which is available right now for download. The biggest area of improvement is with much needed MIDI workflow enhancements. (Still no drum editor thourgh. sigh!) Some of the key new features include: Tab to Transient Improvements, Left and Right Arrow Key Navigation, Improved Smart-Tool behavior, MIDI Input Display and much, much more. For a full list of MIDI enhancements Click Here.
Check out the video below for more info on MIDI improvements in Pro Tools 12.8.2

Ambisonics and Facebook Spatial Workflow
What is Spatial Audio? Simply put, Spatial Audio is the manipulation of audio signal in Virtual Reality to mimic real acoustic behavior. 
Pro Tools 12.8.2 now comes with Facebook 360 Spatial Workspation plug-ins built in, so you can create spatial audio mixes directly inside Pro Tools. *HD Software Only* Another exciting addition to Pro Tools is the support of Ambisonics, which is a technology used to create, capture, and render 3D sound fields in a spherical format around a particular point in space. It is very similar to 360 video, wherein the sound field responds to changes in head movement, just like the natural world around us. The Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation allows users to drop in audio sources, pan, and sync to scene elements, which is then rendered to a single Ambisonic file to play back on Facebook, Oculus Video, and other VR platforms. Check out the video below for an overview of Spatial Audio and Ambisonics

Batch Renaming
After much customer feedback, one of the simple yet powerful new features is the Batch Rename feature. You can can rename a batch of Tracks, or Audio files from one dialog window, instead of having to rename each individually. The video below give you insight into how you can speed up your workflow using this new feature

Scroll To Track Name (Instead of Track Number)
Another simple yet effective feature is the new Scroll To Track Name options. You can now search for track names, even if you don't know the exact name. You no longer have to rely on track numbers for navigation, you can simply type the name (or close to it) of the track you want your Edit or Mix windows to scroll to. The video below shows you how easy it is to navigate using track names in a large session.

Make sure you download your copy of Pro Tools 12.8.2 through your Avid account.


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