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Introducing Pro Tools 2018

Introducing Pro Tools 2018

With new features such as Track Presets, Playlist Editing, Graphical Feedback, MIDI Enhancements, and Collaboration cabilities, Pro Tools 2018 is a feature rich update that has something for everyone.


As we wrap up the first big music event of 2018, Winter NAMM, one of the most talked about new releases this year is Pro Tools 2018. With the huge amount of updates we've seen in recent years, 2018 yet another giant step forward in functionality, interaction, and usability. While previous updates focused on Post-Production, this most recent update has something for everyone, from music production, mixing, to editing. Let's take a look at some of the most important new features.

MIDI / Music Production

Retrospective Record: Allows you to capture an idea without having to be in "Record" mode, giving you the ability to capture an inspired performance even though you never actually triggerd Record

Extract Chord: You now have the ability to analyze a MIDI performance to have Pro Tools figure out the Chords. It analyzes your selection and places Key Change markers at every 1/4 note.
MIDI Shortcuts: Loads of new keyboard shortcuts for working with, and editing MIDI data. From moving in Key, to changing Velocity, it's faster than ever to work with MIDI in Pro Tools

User Interface

EQ Curve Graph: You can now view an EQ display for every track in the Mix Window. The view is also display real-time automation changes as they happen.
Sends View Pre/Post: Send point now have a visual indicator letting you know if they are in Pre/Post mode by turning "blue"
Automation Display: Active automation is now displayed in Yellow, letting you see which paramaters have automation and which ones don't.

Track Presets

Track Presets: Allow you to save your favorite tracks, setting, plug-in chain, routing, even clip data for quick addition to any session.

Editing and Playlist Comping

Target Playlist: You can designate any playlist as a Target, you can edit to the targeted playlist with a quick shortcut.
Cycle Alternates: Now you can cycle between background playlists while never changing the view from your main edit playlist. (this is our personal favorite)
Editing Shortcuts: A huge amount of new shortcuts have been introduced for editing, playlists, views, etc...

We will be updating with more videos and how-to articles in the coming months as we being teaching this latest version of Pro Tools

- Mihai Boloni

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