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New Products: NAB 2018

New Products: NAB 2018

The recent NAB Convention brought about a host of new products and changes. Along with new Live Sound equipment, the most significant change is in the release of Pro Tools 2018.4, and a new naming scheme across the product range. Check out these videos to see these new products as well as demo's of new capabilities.

The most visible change to come out of the recent NAB Convention is the naming changes to the AVID product line. Going for uniformity, all of the software products: Sibelius, Pro Tools, & Media Composer, now have the same naming convention. They all have a "First" version, which is free for use, a "Normal" version, and an "Ultimate" version. Gone is Pro Tools HD, being replaced by Pro Tools Ultimate. Another minor note: Gone are the days of "Versions". Software version releases are now named after the Year & Month of release. (For ex: Pro Tools 2018.4 = Year-2018.Month-April)

Pro Tools | Sibelius | Media Composer


 Venue S6L | Unified Platform

Built upon years of feedback from to worlds best Live Sound Engineers, the new S6L is a unified family of live sound solutions on a single hardware & software platform, with 100% compatability between them.

S6LExp Unified Platform

Allowing you to pick from 5 control surfaces, 3 audio engines, and 4 I/O racks, the S6L can be scaled to meet an environment you will face. From the smaller S6L-16C, to the S6L-48D, the show files are compatible across the entire range.

S6LExp Full S6L System Family


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