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Pro Tools 2018.7 Released

Pro Tools 2018.7 Released

Pro Tools 2018.7 has just been released with a slew of workflow improvements and features. These videos go over some of the new features you can start using today. 

Search Plug-ins, Busses, and I/O Assignments.

Now you can search by typing to access Inserts, Sends, Inputs, and Outputs. Simply click on the assignment and start typing, Pro Tools will display all matching items.

Menu Multi-Select

Avid has finally addressed hot the menu selectors react to allow selection of multiple items without having to go back to the menu. Multi-Select allows you to make selections for windows views, outputs, workspace, and much more

Relative Grid Enhancements

If you work in Music Production you'll appreciate the new enhancements to Relative-Grid. Pro Tools now allows you to Copy/Paste while retaining the Relative-Grid position for both Audio and MIDI.

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