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Pro Tools 2018.10 Update

Pro Tools 2018.10 is now available. Feature Enhancements, Bug Fixes, and much more

You can download the latest Pro Tools update, 2018.10 through your Avid Application Manager. This new release includes improved features for Live Sound with the Avid E6L and E3L playback engine options, as well as allowing up to 128 tracks of recording without any extra license. Below is a list of all the improvements and bug-fixes:

Live Sound

  • Connecting the E6L or E3L, and using it as the selected Playback Engine, will now allow simultaneous record up to 128 tracks, without the need for the Live Sound Production Toolkit iLok authorization.

Atmos Workflows

  • Tightened pan accuracy when sending data to the Dolby Atmos Production Suite or RMU (PT-243042)
  • Knife-edge pan automation is now maintained when importing from an ADM file (PT-242670)

Control Surfaces

  • Fixed an issue where parts of the Pro Tools UI and EUCON surface updates would become sluggish over time (PT-244402)
  • D-Control, D-Command, and C|24 can now be claimed on Windows OS when Secure Boot is enabled in the computer's OS (PT-244831)

Crashes and Errors

  • Save Copy In of sessions containing media with resource forks will no longer crash if a Save Copy In was done from an SMB mounted volume (PT-243525)
  • Save Copy In will no longer crash after importing and converting the sample rate of an audio file on macOS (PT-231804/PT-233783)

Live Sound

  • Fixed an issue where Pro Tools would continue stop and restart recording when issuing a stop command from the S6L. (PT-245336)


  • Satellite systems will no longer get into a state where the "Satellite can't currently play" dialog can't be dismissed. ¬†This would occur if another satellite transport was record armed during playback, but no tracks are record armed. (PT-243169/PT-235375)
  • LTC will now consistently lock when the session length is set to 6 hrs (PT-232749)


  • Recorded material on the track can now be heard when the tracks are record enabled and the "Allow Sends to Persist During LLM" preference is enabled (PT-244200)
  • Fixed a case where there would be a small gap in the recorded audio when stopping the transport during a destructive punch (PT-240873)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the file size of audio media to be slightly smaller after mounting any volume, which resulted in triggering redundant file system backups by 3rd party software (PT-243948)
  • Fixed an issue that cause the UID from OMFI files to be cleared when mounting any volume (PT-244777)

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