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Pro Tools 2019.5 Released

Pro Tools 2019.5 Released

Avid has just released the much anticipated update to Pro Tools. Version 2019.5 was just released today. You can download your copy via your Avid Account Manager.

With the release of Pro Tools 2019.5, Avid introduces several new improvements as well as compatibility upgrades. Mac users will be happy that Pro Tools now officially supports macOS Mojave. One of the biggest improvements is the release of Voice Packs for Ultimate software customers. Now you can expand your Pro Tools Ultimate software with up to 768 voices/audio tracks. Along with these Voice Packs, Pro Tools also now comes standard with 384 voices/audio tracks (up from 256)

Installation Notes

For Pro Tools HDX users, be aware that the installation process includes a Firmware Update for the HDX cards. This process takes about 5-minutes to complete. Be sure to follow the directs during the process. Shut off the computer and expansion chassis once the update is complete

New Features Include

  • More power and performance to run large sessions
  • 384 Voices (Ultimate)
  • No interruption of playback during common tasks such as adding plug-ins, sends, creating tracks, routing
  • Double the MIDI tracks - 1024 (up from 512)
  • ICON-favorite workflows and enhanced Monitor Control via Avid Dock, and Avid S3

Download Now - click link

We are in the process of installing Pro Tools 2019.5 for our upcoming Pro Tools Training & Certification workshops in Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

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