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TIffany Ashton Artist Interview
Tiffany Ashton Headshot

Tiffany Ashton | Recording Artist & Songwriter Interview

Award-winning artist, songwriter and performer, Tiffany Ashton shares the story of her journey in the music industry as well as the highlights of what is exciting and new this year. Tiffany attended our intensive live-online Avid Pro Tools Training program so she could take on recording efficiently during the pandemic, and she was kind enough to share her inspirational journey; especially the exciting news of writing and performing the theme song for the upcoming major motion picture, The Queen Mary.

Client Spotlight Interview with Recording Artist: TIFFANY ASHTON

During the Pandemic, all professional recording artists found their shows cancelled and tours postponed. Singer/songwriter and award-winning artist, Tiffany Ashton, was thrown into the midst of these obstacles soon after receiving news of several monumentous and noteworthy career opportunities. She had been named Nashville Universe's "Rising Star" and "Best Country Artist" by the Hollywood Music and Media Awards, and even performed at the Opryland Hotel for Nashville New Year's Eve Celebration 12/31/2019 (a few months before the first lockdown).

But after receiving two Grammy Considerations and phenomenal offer to write the Theme song for a new Major Motion Picture, Tiffany was determined to keep the momentum moving forward despite the pandemic. She chose to embrace Pro Tools technology head-on and empowered herself to complete not only one, but three songs for the new upcoming major motion picture, THE QUEEN MARY. She successfully accomplished her writing collaborations, cutting her own vocals and vocal edits, while sending tracks back and forth to the producers in the U.K!  Even the audio engineers overseas were clearly impressed with this young lady's fearless approach to "getting the project completed." 

Even though we can not take any credit for Tiffany's enormous talent, great voice, songwriting and performance skills, Tiffany enrolled with our company, ProMedia Training, to help take her Pro Tools skills to a new level. The goal was for her to become self-sufficiently working inside Pro Tools so she could effectively complete her projects at the highest level of quality, despite the pandemic. So she enlisted in taking our immersive instructor-led, live-online Pro Tools Training course with ProMedia Training.

We look forward to hearing the completed Soundtrack and new album on the horizon for Tiffany. 

Read on for the highlights of our INTERVIEW below......

Tiffany in white dress press    


  • 2 Grammy Considerations and a Major Motion Picture

The Year 2021 going in to 2022 has been honestly incredible so far. My single “Cowboy” was under consideration by the Recording Academy for 2 Grammy’s: “Best Country Song” and “Best Country Solo Performance'' co-written with Taylor Scott and Wes Theobald. Of course, only about 15% of Academy submitted entries even make it on the ballot, so it’s huge honor! I’m also heavily involved in the music co-writing and performing for the first movie of an upcoming trilogy, “The Queen Mary, with stars Alice Eve (Star Trek) and Joel Fry (Game of Thrones).  I’m writing and performing the THEME SONG and several other songs on the soundtrack, which has been a really cool experience because the film is time-hopping; so I’ve had the opportunity to write everything from modern country to Big Band numbers. In early 2022, I’ll be filming on the famed Queen Mary herself for my small role in the film. In addition, I’ve been invited to work on the Ghostbusters franchise, which needless to say has been a dream. My rendition of the National Anthem is also in rotation on over 100 TV stations nationally through Nexstar Media Group. So yeah, it’s been a crazy exciting year so far, and 2022 is bringing even more excitement!


  • How did you get your start in music?

I feel like music has always been a part of me - from the time I could speak I was singing! My official start was at 6 years old, when I learned “Amazing Grace” and traveled to perform in churches all over the south. I had always loved to sing, and once I began to write, I was writing everything from poems to chapter books. So when my parents gave me my first guitar at 11, it bridged the gap for me, and songwriting became the love of my life. By the time I was in high school, I was living on the road a third of the year and opening for artists like Luke Combs, Brother’s Osborne and The Oakridge Boys. I continued the long hours for both my career and education until graduating with my Bachelors of Science in Economics in 2020 - a college degree had always been a personal goal of mine, but balancing a music career on top of a full time school schedule definitely wasn’t easy, and graduating during the pandemic wasn’t either. I’m super thankful that despite not being able to be on the road, I’ve had plenty of work coming in on the soundtrack side and other projects. 2022 is going to be the biggest year yet!


  • Who are your main influences and collaborators?

My early influences came from my mom’s diverse taste in music - when I was young, she listened to Evanescence, the Eagles, Alison Kraus, John Denver and Jewel. As I grew older, the writer inside of me was drawn to the story telling aspect of country music. There’s something special about the way country takes the super ordinary and creates art from it, and that was a tradition I wanted to be a part of. I started traveling to Nashville when I was 15 and fell even more in love with the community there, and winning the Hollywood Music In Media Award at 18 for Best in Country introduced and connected me to the diversity of the LA community. Ever since, I’ve been working with people all over the US on various self released projects 


  • How has going through Pro Tools Training at ProMedia Training helped your career? 

Going through ProMedia Training’s Pro Tools Training Program (www.protoolstraining.com) was such an advantage for me and my ability to work more efficiently, especially during the pandemic in my collaborative efforts with producers and musicians. It’s one thing to be involved in production as a recording artist, but it’s such a different ball game getting into the production side of things for yourself. The program truly took my skills to a whole new level. Flying tracks back and forth from LA to Nashville to England for the film project and cutting my own vocals from home in the right format we’re both absolutely crucial for me during the pandemic. The training helped remove those barriers and expanded my creative ability as a songwriter and artist. I highly recommend their program to artists, musicians and producers that are looking to enhance their skills as an artist and business person.



 Tiffany Ashton Facebook TIffanyAshtonOfficial
 Tiffany INSTAGRAM:  @TiffanyAshtonOfficial
 Website: www.TiffanyAshtonmusic.com

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