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The ability for an artist to connect with their fans is the most important part of being successful in the music industry. There are more tools than ever to allow independent artist to reach their existing fans as well as gain new followers. The music industry has traditionally done the legwork for new artists through marketing & promotion, however, nowadays it's up to each one of us to be our own marketing team.

Creating Your Own Sample Library With Pro Tools


NOTE: Don’t forget about the FREE SAMPLE LIBRARY DOWNLOAD at the bottom of the article

No matter what music “genre” you are into, chances are you will at some point need to use Samples to augment your music production. Music producers & creators have for years depended on pre-recorded audio files (Samples) to add enhancement, reproduction, and replacement in order to fulfill their musical creativity. Sometimes this is due to the lack of that particular instrument/musician being available, or to simply replace the existing sounds with ones that are more appropriate for the song. Regardless of why Samples are utilized, there are several different way to acquire and organize your audio files in Pro Tools. Let’s take a look at some of the most common workflows utilized in music production. Also, don’t forget about the FREE DOWNLOAD at the bottom of the article. We have included a Multi-Track Drum library for your production pleasure.

Game Plan! Learn Pro Tools 11- Speed up your Session Workflow and Organization


Have you ever had a moment when you are working on a project where you started to encounter one challenge after another? I’ve been in that situation often enough that the one thing I’ve learned from this is to plan ahead more effectively with building your Pro tools sessions. Many of you might be thinking… “Planning? Who has time for it?” Indeed, this requires effort, but it has to be done to work efficiently on projects, especially ones with large number of tracks. Improper preparation can result in major delays on a project, misplacing data to where you can't locate it efficiently, as well as investing more time and money. The more information you have at the beginning of a project, the better prepared you will be to flow and work through the project. This means understanding what type of project you will be working on; what is the genre, the tempo, the style, time signature, etc. Who is involved in the song or project? How many musicians would you be working with? This allows you to set out how many tracks you are going to need.

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