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Remixing With Pro Tools: Video Tutorials

In this video tutorial series from Avid, learn how to use the various features of Pro Tools to create a Remix of a song. 

Presented by Lars Kischkel, this multi-part video series covers Pro Tools workflow, shortcuts, functions, as well as Music Production tips & tricks useful for song arrangement & production. If you'd like to learn more in-depth about all of the definitions & concepts you're about to see, give us a call (888-277-0457) to schedule your Hands-On Training class.

In this first video, Lars discusses his process for preparing a session to start a remix, using the original song recorded with Fab Dupont and band The Arrows.

In the 2nd video, Lars dives into MIDI, music production techniques, Virtual Instruments, & creating a multi-part Synth element

Video 3 continues the music making process by looking at bouncing MIDI to Audio Tracks, editing, creating fades, using plug-ins, and a host of shortcut features in Pro Tools

Here Come The Drums! Video 4 Adds drums & percussion elements using MIDI Virtual Instruments, such as Battery, Boom, etc..., Lars covers various techniques for working with & programming drums for your song.

Shoot for the Bottom! In this 5th video, Lars continues the Music Production process by showing you how to add Bass using Virtual Instruments & MIDI editing. Also, learn tips & tricks for how to mix drums w/ bass & how to blend low end in your song.

Working with Effects & Vocals in the main topic in video 6, however, Lars covers a huge amount of information including working with plug-ins, automation, and editing. My favorite parts of this video are the creative use of these techniques to create musical effects that sound professional. 

Mixing & Mastering finish out this tutorial series. Lars finishes this series by covering a tremendous amount of workflow pertaining to Mixing your songs. Even if you produce different styles of music, the tips & tricks covered in this video will prove invaluable. From working with plug-ins, mix automation concepts, mastering, as well as how to use analog hardware with your mix. MUST WATCH!

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