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How To Mic A Drum Set

Drums are often times considered the "track" that the musical "train" rides on. The drummer not only holds time for the rest of the band, but also can help change the feel of a song simply by playing a little different.

Because of this, many of us have spent an extraordinary amount of time recording drums & figuring out how to get a really good "drum" sound. One such person that has mastered the art of recording drums is legendary engineer/producer Bob Clearmountain (Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, The Cure, and many more).


In this set of video tutorials, Bob, along with drummer Matt Chamberlain (Frank Ocean, Tori Amos, Josh Groban, Hans Zimmer, etc..) take you through various techniques on how to mic a drum kit. They show you ways to use 2 mic's, 4 mic's, or multiple mic's to record great sounding drums.

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