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How To Record Electric Guitar-Video Tutorial

How To Record Electric Guitar-Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial series, legendary Producer/Engineer Bob Clearmountain shows you how to record Electric Guitar. Using different microphone techniques, you'll learn how to effectively record guitar cabinets from a true master.

The first video show you how to use 1 microphone to record an electric guitar cabinet. Also, Bob discusses real world application when it comes to making microphone selection & placement.

The 2nd video illustrates various techniques using two microphones. As well as demonstrating how to use various types of microphones, Bob also talks about proximety effect & how placement of the mic's can change the character of the sound

The final video shows you a very interesting technique used in professional recording to achieve a very distinct sound. Utilizing 2 microphones, the basic principles of sound, &  various surfaces, you can create a really aggressive electric guitar tone. Bob shows you how he used this technique on various records he's recorded.

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