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Rewire Ableton Live with Pro Tools

In this how-to video, Terron Darby (Pro Tools Instructor) shows you how to use Rewire to connect these 2 applications together. With capabilites to route Audio & MIDI data, Rewire is an exremely usefull tool.

Music Production is a very diverse field utilizing many different tools & software applications. Traditionally, software does not directly "talk" to other software, which makes the sharing of information difficult. With Rewire, you have the capabilites to route up to 64 channels of audio (32 Stereo) between two applications. It acts as a virtual pathchbay allowing you to plug the outputs of one app into the inputs of another. In this video filmed at Sweetwater Studios, long time Avid Pro Tools Instructor Terron Darby demonstrates how to effectively use rewire to connect Ableton Live into Pro Tools.

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