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Video Tutorial: Echo Collection by McDSP

Video Tutorial: Echo Collection by McDSP

Our partners at McDSP are happy to announce a new collection of Echo & Delay effects. Let's take a look at how to use these versatile plug-ins with this handy tutorial video.

McDSP has been a leader in plug-in development since long before most of us were dreaming of making records. Their history with Pro Tools goes way back to the 90's as they were one of the first manufacturers to develop for the DSP environment. Since then, McDSP plug-ins have become a staple in every studio around the globe, whether music or post production. They have recently introduced a new set of effect plug-ins, the EC-300 Echo Collection, which bring 3 different delay types and dozens of echo and chorus effects all in a single plug-in. 

EC dig opentop SIM 2 618x421

The three different delay types, Digital, Magnetic, Analog, allow you to shape & create enless colors and textures. 

EC ana opentop 1 618x421

With the addition of control over Wow, Flutter, Ducking, and other modern twists, you can create a unique vibe in your recordings, whether for music or sound effects.

EC mag opentop 2 618x419

Take a look at the Tutorial Video below to learn how to use the EC-300

McDSP was one of the first to support education ourtreach in schools and training centers. We have proudly been McDSP users since the start of Pro Tools Training in 2002, and we continuing to incorporate McDSP plug-ins in our Pro Tools Training Courses.

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