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Video: Kevin & Kane Churko Talk Music Production

Video: Kevin & Kane Churko Talk Music Production

Whether it's songwriting, production, or mixing, Kevin & Kane Churko are defining the sound of modern Rock music. We sit down with them to discuss their approach to the art of making records

Enjoy ProMedia Training's up-close video interview with Platinum and Multi-Award Winning Songwriters, Musicians, Producers, and Audio Engineers, Kevin and Kane Churko. This father and son team is highly unique, in that they Write, Produce, Engineer and Mix Mega-Hit Records with Pro Tools being at the heart of it all. It shows the importance of being versatile in today's music. These guys didn't go to Audio Engineering or Music College. Shows how sweat equity and commitment to your craft can really pay off. While we discuss the art of Music Production, get an intimate glimpse into their process, mentality, and workflow of two of the most prolific Producers in the music industry.  Here at their studio, The Hideout, they discuss the art of making records. With such a prolific body of work between them, they share insights into the mentality and workflow of dealing with some of the biggest acts in the music industry. 

*Full Disclosure - Pro Tools Training classes in Las Vegas take place at The Hideout Recording Studio. There is a chance you might run into Kevin or Kane in the hallway. Please do not approach them unless you have a coffee to offer*

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