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Partner Spotlight: McDSP

McDSPFounded in 1998 by Colin McDowell, armed with “a haircut only an engineer would want, and a passion for Digital Signal Processing”, McDSP has some of the most widely used plug-ins in the audio world.


Professional engineers like Dave Pensado, Kevin Churko, Tony Maserati, & Andrew Scheps, all have made McDSP a staple in their arsenal. For almost 10 years, McDSP has also worked ProMedia Training, the largest Pro Tools Training Company in the U.S., to bring our students these wonderful tools in the classroom. All of our training facilities are equipped with the entire McDSP package so our students can truly get a hands on experience. To further help out ProMedia students get the most of their education, McDSP has a very generous Education Program that entitles students to huge discounts on McDSP products.

The range of McDSP products covers everything from EQ’s, Compressors/Dynamics, Filters, Convolution Reverb, even Tape Emulation. Along with the great array of products, McDSP was one of the first companies to develop plug-ins for the new AAX platform utilized in Pro Tools 11. While other companies lagged behind, many working engineers relied on McDSP plug-ins to get the job done. Kevin Churko states: “The only reason I could move to HDX was because of McDSP.”

Enjoy the behind the scenes of Kevin Churko in the studio as well has his experience of using McDsp in the studio.

To learn more about McDSP plug-ins, visit McDSP.

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