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ProMedia Has A New Look

ProMedia Has A New Look

As we get closer to finishing 2015 and begin to look toward 2016 and beyond, we will be introducing a new look, website, as well as new music production classes. Here is a sneak peak at what you can expect to see in the coming months from ProMedia.

Pro Tools 12 Training & Certification update from AVID

2016 will introduce the latest update to Pro Tools Training & Certification from AVID with the transition to Pro Tools 12 based Training Courses. While Pro Tools has never lost any previous functionality, expect the new classes to have minor updates reflecting the new features of Pro Tools 12 such as Commit, I/O enhancements, & workflow functionality.

Certification Update to Pro Tools 12

Anyone former student at ProMedia that has gone through Pro Tools Certification is welcome to re-test & update their certification to Pro Tools 12 once it is released by AVID. We anticipate the new tests to be made available sometime in the 1st quarter of 2016. These will be all new tests & require a full re-taking of the individual tests 101, 110, 201, & 210M or 210P.

New Music Production Courses

2016 also will bring the introduction of new Music Production courses to ProMedia. These courses will be much shorter in length than the full blown AVID Pro Tools Certification Courses, and focus on more specific topics rather than a broad overview. This will allow people the opportunity to get the education they are looking for in a manner that is more convenient on time & price. We plan on offering these courses in the evenings and weekends starting at our Atlanta, GA location in 1st quarter 2016.

An example of some of the courses we are working on include: Recording & Editing, MIDI & Music Production, Mixing & Mastering, Vocal Production & Arrangement, and much more.

Change is coming, and it's a good thing.

- Mihai

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