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Pro Tools Studio MasterClass Starts Aug 28

Pro Tools Studio MasterClass Starts Aug 28

We're turning the Studio into your Classroom. Join us on Aug 28 - Sept 2 at Astro Studios Atlanta for the first ever Pro Tools Studio MasterClass.

A New Way To Learn Pro Tools & Music Production

Join us for an interactive journey into making Records while learning Pro Tools. We have designed our Pro Tools Studio MasterClass to give you a hands-on learning experience like no other. Each class will consist of a small group of people (5 Max), in a Recording Studio w/ our Expert Instructors and Grammy® Award winning Mix Engineers. It's time to get serious.

Get hands-on with Recording, Microphones, Signal Flow, Editing, Mixing, and much more. Learn how to use Pro Tools & Test for Certification while also getting insight into the record production process. As in the past, these classes include the official Avid Training books and materials along with access to the Pro Tools Certification Exam. 

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During these intensive, 6-day Training Courses, our instructors will not only teach you Pro Tools, you'll be taken through a studio project from beginning to end. We are combining the best of both worlds. Taking place at Astro Studios in Atlanta, GA, immerse yourself in the same environment some of your favorite records were made. We feel the best way to learn how to use Pro Tools is to get hands on with the concepts and tools in their native environment. 

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How long is the program?

6 days - consisting of the Pro Tools 100 Level Courses (3 days), and 200 Level Courses (3 days)

How many people per class?

5 Max

Is the class held in a Studio?

Yes! We will be at Astro Studios

Do I still get the official Avid Pro Tools books & Certification Exam?

Yes! Everyone will receive the offical Avid Pro Tools books (101, 110, 201, & 210M) as well as access to the Pro Tools Certification Exams.

Will I get a Pro Tools system to work on during the class?

Yes! Everyone will have their own Pro Tools HD Native system during the class.

How much does it cost?


Will all Pro Tools classes be like this from now on?


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