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Building a Guest House studio (Part III)

Hey there, welcome back! Here’s the next update of the progress of the studio build. Back from a couple classes on the road and time to get to work again. The plan this trip was to finish wrapping the wall panels in fabric, build the desk and racks, so here we go!

Day 9:

The goals for the day:
  • Finish wrapping new panels
  • Design the desk and figure out shopping list


So the day started by getting the final pieces of duct board cut and fit onto the angled walls. Then after making sure they fit, I proceeded with cutting and gluing the fabric to the panels and getting them installed. Check it out, I’m really liking the crushed red velour panels!


Day 10:

The goals for the day:
  • Pick up wood to make desk
  • Cut frame and top pieces of desk
  • Sand and prepare for stain


(6x) Cedar 2”x6” rough cut boards: $102
(2x) ¾” Red Oak plywood sheets: $90
(2x) ¾” plywood sheets: $42

Total cost for the day: [$234]


I started the day by measuring and cutting the 2x6 Cedar boards to make the frame. Next was planing the boards to a smoother surface followed with a belt sander for a nice finish. After test fitting each piece, I stained them all with a Sedona Red stain and let them sit to dry in the nice Florida sun.

Day 11:

The goals for the day:
  • Put together frame
  • Measure and cut frame top pieces of desk
  • Sand and prepare for stain

The day started by lightly sanding legs and frame to a smooth finish. Then, after putting it back together, I placed felt pads under each leg (furniture pads) as not to scratch the floor when moving and also to help minimize vibrations from the desk to floor. It’s really starting to take shape nicely, as shown above. Next, I took all the measurements to cut the top and end pieces for the desk. The plan, one layer of regular ¾” plywood, and one layer of ¾“ Red Oak for a nice finish.

Here’s the first layer of the desk stained and assembled. Maybe overkill with the staining, but hey, I can’t do it any other way.


Here’s a picture of the first layer of Oak being test fitted. After many trips with it in and out, marking slight changes, shaving, and sanding, it finally fit just right. Outside to be stained next!


Day 12:

The goals for the day:
  • Finish the desk
  • Measure, cut, sand and stain racks

Day 12, I decided to start with making the racks, so the stain could possibly dry enough to bring in by evening. The last piece of ¾” Red Oak was used to make two racks. Luckily I had a pair (4) of leftover 14 space rack rails from a previous studio, so all I needed to do was build wood racks with the inner dimensions being 19” wide.


Day 13:

The goals for the day:
  • Make speaker stands
  • Install gear and Rock Out!

The speaker stands were by far the easiest thing to build. I measured the footprint of the three sets of speakers for each side, and cut them to fit from left over pieces the 3/4'” Red Oak. Then I made legs from the leftover Cedar 2x6 pieces. I spaced them out 17 ½” inside so I could mount some Monster power conditioners inside each for the speakers. Like the legs of the desk, the legs here also got the felt padding to minimize vibrations from the speakers to the desk.


The next time I’m back in town after teaching Pro Tools classes, I’ll be finishing up with the ceiling, acoustic and tuning treatments. Some of the following steps include building a cloud to hang over the mix position for lighting, building and hanging angled ceiling panels, building window panels and tuning the room.

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Until the next time, Peace Out

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